How To Act At A Recruitment Fair

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career fairRecruitment fairs are a brilliant way for companies to attract new talent. These events are completely geared towards showcasing the merits of the exhibiting organisations and making professional people or graduates aware of the opportunities out there.

The fact is that people are not always clued up about the kind of jobs there are available in different industries and so recruitment events can be used to educate them as to the variety in the job market. The job market is more varied than most people imagine and it’s great for companies to have a platform to show people what they do.

So how is it best for graduates and other attendees to approach recruitment fairs when they come along in their area or in their college or university? Well, first and foremost it’s important to keep an open mind.

If you are not already completely clued up about a specific industry then you should allow the exhibiting companies in that sector to open your eyes a little bit. Listen to what they have to say and constantly assess whether the sector they are describing is relevant to you in terms of where you want to go in life and in terms of your particular set of skills.

Be as observant as possible. Read the literature each exhibiting company is giving out and visit their websites after the event. Make sure you take a notepad so that you can write down any important web addresses, bits of information, important contacts and so on.

Searching for a place to apply your skills is not just a matter of getting yourself onto a mailing list at a recruitment fair (although this is a good idea) – it’s also a matter of doing your research after the event.

However, it’s vital that you remember throughout the event that recruitment fairs are not just impartial situations that offer companies the chance to educate and inform talented people. They are also marketing events and as such each company represented is making an effort to present themselves in the very best light.

This is only natural. Each company believes it is the best at what it does – it has to in order to grow and thrive in the industry, but that means you must have your wits about you and try to look objectively at what each company is telling you. Don’t mistake open-mindedness on your part for excessive impressionability and always do your own research before acting on what you learn at a recruitment fair.

This is a guest post.  This article was written by exhibition stand expert Alan Gomer.

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