How To Be A One Man Law Firm

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legal-balanceThere are many big law firms out there that not only house a variety of lawyers and associates, but marketing directors, operations executives, and even mail room guys.

But you’re a one man practice without the big budget of a large corporation to back you and promote you. Does that mean you’re out of luck? Not at all!

With the kind of technology that’s widely available today as well as a little bit of resourcefulness, you can brand your one man (or woman) practice with similar effectiveness and success as your larger competitors.

Instead of putting all of your energy into expanding your business, here are a few tips on how to focus on the strengths you do have to create a small but powerful practice.

Write A Blog

Everybody’s writing blogs these days. Large companies are hiring specialized copywriters or outsourcing their blogging needs and small companies usually have to buckle down and write quality articles themselves. Regardless, blogging is a marketing necessity that must be done!

Luckily, you have an advantage as a one person practice. You know your company, your services, your skills, and your voice better than anyone else. Even if you were to hire a writer, you’d spend hours of your time explaining to them how you want to sound, what kinds of clients you want to bring in, and what you want your message to say.

When it’s just you coming up with the blogs, you’re already in tune with the voice, the audience, and the message.

Write regularly and be sure to optimize each post. You might not have the power of an entire marketing team behind you, but a little SEO can go a long way.

Look for keywords that are relevant to your practice, your industry, and of course, your clients, and then write topics that incorporate those important keywords. You’ll become a relevant and popular blog in no time…leading your practice to a more visible and established platform.

Use Social Media

You can do big things with social media, even if you’re a small practice. That’s because the entire point of websites like Facebook and Twitter are mean to encourage interaction between people, between companies, and between people and companies!

Tweeting promotions to your followers or posting helpful statistics to your Facebook likes can start the conversation you need to get fans engaged and convert them into clients.

Start by sharing all the recent happenings at your practice on social media. If you’re taking on a big case and you’re allowed to talk about it, tell your followers how excited you are to work with a new client. Also, you can promote your blog and website through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Post links to your most recent posts and ask for people to comment on and share them with their friends. You’ll be creating some serious buzz for your blog this way.

Use social media to network with other lawyers, as well. Even if you’re a one person firm, you can connect with other lawyers, potentially create a referral program, and advertise on one another’s web properties. You can also start discussions with them, write blog posts together or for the other one’s website, and get your audiences interested in both businesses.

Focus On Clients

The problem with large firms is that they’re too large to pay equal attention to everyone. Today’s consumers relish customer service because it seems to be disappearing from many businesses, whether they’re retail shops or online e-commerce sites. Since it’s just you and your clients, you can have a lot of time to focus on their needs and their cases.

Get to know your clients. Make yourself available to them through email, phone, Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of communication. The more open you are to talking to your clients, the more others will see how friendly your practice is. A big firm might have a more established reputation, but nothing beats a personal touch.

Small practices don’t have to think small. In fact, you have many of the same resources that large firms have at their disposal. For marketing purposes, you can still use SEO strategies to promote your blog and website and gain a higher ranking.

You can also write a blog that feels more personal in sync with your practice and services. Social media is also a tool you share with large firms, but again, since every message comes from you, your followers will feel more connected with your practice.

By focusing on your clients and creating content and forms of communication that allow for real one-on-one discussions, you can promote your small practice as effectively as the big law firms can. You might be one man or one woman, but with the Internet and customer service at your side, there’s no telling how successful you can become.

Pete Wise is a copywriter working with the Romano Law Group, whom have been serving Southern Florida for decades. If you’re looking for a palm beach personal injury lawyer, get your free case evaluation today. See what I’m posting on Facebook!

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