How To Be Fully Prepared For A Job Interview

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Job InterviewIf you are thinking and stressed about a forthcoming job interview, keep calm and focus on preparing effectively.

It certainly will require you putting in necessary effort but it will make a vast difference between getting your desired job or not.

We have compiled effective tips on how to be fully prepared, which comprise of getting the crucial things right in order to stand a chance of getting your dream job.

Get your job application printed

Before embarking on your journey to the location, make sure you have printed copies of your application form, CV, cover letter and job specification. You will be able to go through the documents over and over again when heading to your job interview.

It is crucial to read and read again to ensure proper assimilation of vital information. It is also a good idea to have the relevant documents neatly arranged in a folder as this will shine some light on your organizational skills.

Research the company effectively

Prior to your job interview, make sure you carry out in depth research about the company. It is good to know what the company is about, their services, when they were formed, where they bought by another company, the number of employees.

Most companies normally have this information on their website and in some situations, if you are applying via a recruitment agency make sure you ask if it’s not displayed on the employer’s website.

Nine out of ten times during job interviews, a prospective employer will ask what you know about their company and it will be really beneficial and impressive if you are armed with detailed responses.

Find time to plan your journey

Lateness should never be an option when it comes to arriving at the destination of your job interview. Prior to the day of your interview, familiarize yourself with the route. If you are going by train, bus or car make sure you find out every necessary information about journey times, traffic  problems on the route, alternative route in case there’s a an issue.

It is absolutely a bad idea to arrive late for a job interview as this will certainly ruin your chances of getting the job. Even if you turn out to be the strongest candidate, lateness is frowned upon by recruiters.

It is better to arrive a lot earlier than late. If you turn up a bit too early, find somewhere nearby to grab a cup of coffee and use the time to go through your documents and also practice your interview questions.

Go through your interview questions

Just as mentioned in the last line above, make sure your practice your interview questions over and over again. Don’t be too confident to practice as you never know what might come in handy during the job interview.

You can practice with a friend or relative in order to be fully prepared for unexpected questions. Make sure you go through your skill set, past experiences and what you will offer your prospective employer.

Dress to impress

It is important to look the part on the day of your interview. Dressing to impress is simply appearing smart and professional and not provocative as this may give wrong impression and also ruin your chances of getting the job.

You simply want to look confident, smart and comfortable. Don’t dress in a way that will give you discomfort during your interview as it may affect your answers.

Avoid eating, drinking and smoking completely

This is in your best interest; do NOT drink alcohol or smoke cigarette before your job interview. The lingering smell of either alcohol or smoke will create a bad impression.

If you need to grab a meal before your job interview, look out for sauce, ketchup or soup that may possibly leave stains on your clothes. It is also good to stay clear on smell food as lingering smell may lead to bad impression.

Mobile phone

Believe it or not, record shows that a lot of mobile phones ring during job interviews. To make matters worse, some job seekers answer phone calls during job interviews.

Mobile phones is said to be one of the reasons why a lot of candidates get rejected. You can simply avoid the embarrassment by simply switching off your mobile phone before you step into the interview premises.

Here is one last thing

When you are job hunting, it is crucial to discover your unique selling points to a potential employer. The better you understand your unique characteristics, the more fruitful your job search will be. Good luck with the new job!

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