How To Feel More Like A Spy When You’re At Work

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Be honest guys – most of us quite enjoy aspects about going to work and sitting behind a desk. Sure we might moan about it to our friends and to our wives, and sure it might be a little bit soul destroying at times, but in many ways there’s no denying that working behind a desk can be cool.

The point is that it makes us feel as though we’re doing something important, and that most of us get a kick out of organizing our work and setting up our station and organization to achieve maximum productivity.

Who doesn’t love filling a briefcase with papers? Or spinning round on their swivel chair? The fact of the matter is that it makes us feel like James Bond (or maybe Dr No) and that gives us a bit of nerdy pleasure.


It follow then that to enjoy work more, whether you work in an office or from home, you should indulge yourself in this aspect of your job. It follows too that this could also benefit you both directly by making you more organized and efficient, and indirectly by making you more keen to put in the hours and work productively. Here then are some of the best ways to feel like a super genius when you’re in the office.

Being Super Secretive

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than when I want to access an old password. To do so I will have to find the book on my shelf that is a fake book and open it up to reveal a box. Inside here I have another book (a tiny ‘Art of War’) which has notes in the front page.

Those notes are in the form of numbers which correspond to pages, lines and words and point towards the passwords I’ve chosen for my various online accounts. It feels awesome because it’s so secret and because no one would be able to log into my account after me. Likewise you can get a great glee from document shredding which has a very ‘Mission Impossible’ feel to it (especially if you hum the tune as you go).

Having Lots of Dividers and Folders

Dividers and folders might look boring, but when you come to sort them you’ll find it’s oddly satisfying having everything categorized and in order. This way you can run your empire and when someone asks for a paper you can retrieve it in moments. Likewise make sure that all these papers are instantly reachable and keep a notepad where you can scrawl your ideas and musings as you go.

Having the Latest Tech

Geniuses and spies always have the latest gadgets. Unfortunately most of us don’t work in an office that issues stun guns, but we can bring in our own gadgets in the form of the latest smart phones and tablets – or even smart watches and other cutting edge products.

This will make you feel like a whiz when you’re using them, but at the same time be sure to turn heads and make you the envy of your colleagues and any clients or visitors you should work with.

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