How to Get a Job in Financial Sectors

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finance-jobsDespite all of the problems that have been blamed on the financial sector in recent years, there is no question that it still remains a lucrative and exciting market when it comes to job opportunities.

On an annual basis, thousands of graduates from around the world find themselves fighting it out over a handful of employment opportunities, while experienced finance professionals can also be competing for lucrative, ‘higher up’ jobs within many institutions.

What are the best techniques a person can use in order to secure the job they want?

Do the Job

Clearly this wouldn’t be a problem if you are experienced, but for graduates having even a month of experience in a similar company can be a deal maker or breaker where getting a job is concerned. Students currently at university or college who have ambitions of financial sector jobs long-term should be looking at internships and placements at the earliest opportunity.

The candidate who used their summer break to get some valuable work experience, or the one who went partying for six weeks; which do you think would get picked?

Know the Politics

Financial positions inevitably, and unfortunately, carry with them a political element. Even if you resolve to not get involved with office politics, as many do, you need to know what goes on and how to deal with them.

That extends to how you act during the recruitment process, too. The way you conduct yourself and carry yourself in front of an interview panel could be key. This is arguably even tougher for experienced individuals, who could well be looking to move from one rival company to another one. Not only will they need to ‘play the game’ well, but also be wary of disclosing certain things about their current employer. The ‘why do you want to leave your job’ question is often the hardest one to answer, so ensure that you think carefully about what your response will be.


An interview for a financial position, whether you are a graduate or an experienced worker, needs a fine balance of fact against your personal opinion. In assessing your suitability for a role, you could face questions about the current market conditions, or where you feel the big opportunities will be in the coming years. Crucially, you will be asked your opinion on the direction of the business you have applied to. Ensure that you stand for the same as that business, and share their beliefs, before even considering an application.

Standing out during the recruitment process without being too overpowering is a great skill to master, take these ideas into account when searching for a financial role, and you will have the opportunity to take the job in the palm of your hand.

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