How to Get a New Job

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How to Get a New Job

How to Get a New Job

The elements of getting a new job are basic. Not so basic is the implementation of each element. The structure involves searching for a job, preparing for an interview and negotiating the terms of your employment. Some believe it unnecessary to create a job search plan or a career guide, but without some kind of organization, your search will not be as successful.

Are you aimlessly submitting resumes to any and every job you see online that you like? Have you stopped to consider if you are qualified or overqualified for any of those positions? Will you be happy if you are offered one of those positions? These are just a few questions to ask yourself about your current targets. Having the proper methods and resources (a career guide) in place will help you understand how to get a new job.

The job search is of course the first step in the process. Your search will include a variety of techniques with a goal of securing an interview for your desired position. It’s important to know what the current hiring trends are for your industry. This will give you an idea how to tailor your job search and what to include in your career guide. Job postings, be they online or offline will offer the most opportunities.

Networking and getting referrals by word of mouth from friends, colleagues, family members and business associates will also produce good results in your quest for a new job. Your career guide should include all of these contacts are potential connections. These results are more likely to pan out than those you find elsewhere. If referred by someone, politely ask the person to delivery your resume themselves. This will increase your chances of being contacted for an interview.

Interview preparation is many times overlooked. This part of the process however is just as important as the search itself. If you land an interview and don’t do well, then you will remain unemployed. During an interview, your attitude, posture, attire, grooming, communication skills and personality will all be evaluated. Practice interviewing with a friend or family member and note areas needing improvement in your career guide.

I once interviewed a woman who kept her chin in her palm and her elbow on the table during most of the interview. That may sound picky but imagine yourself trying to have a serious conversation with someone while they are in this position during most of the conversation. I didn’t think she was serious about the position. Know what to do and what not to do. Also be prepared with questions to ask your interviewer and have answers for questions you may be asked. Your career guide should include both to better prepare you for an interview.

Once you have been offered a position, negotiating the terms will not be difficult. Your negotiation strongly depends on the conditions of your offer. Were you the only candidate who applied for the job? Can you make immediate, significant contribution to the company? Are they trying to get you away from your current position? Know your strengths and weaknesses when negotiating. Research and include a salary range in your career guide.

It is not unusual for a company to retract an offer because of outlandish or greedy requests. Know what to negotiate and what not to address. If want to modify everything you are being offered, a company may take this a bad sign. You should be decisive and clear in your requests, citing reasons that warrant their agreement.

When conducted properly a job search can result in your dream job, more pay, better benefits and better working conditions.

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