How to Have a Career in Event Management

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Event management is steadily becoming a popular career choice amongst school leavers and industry professionals. Containing many similar attributes of business courses, professionals have the option of returning to study, in order to gain the necessary qualifications and training to become an event manager. If you’re looking for a diverse and rewarding career, where no two days are the same, event management is right for you. Event planners are required to work in demanding environments, often under high pressure situations. While this may be a challenging career choice, it is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. If you’re considering a career in event management, check out our tips for kick-starting your future!

Study Options

If you plan to have a successful career in event management, you should endeavour to complete a tertiary education course. Many business and event management courses can provide you with the skills and qualifications necessary to become an event planner. Event managers are required to have outstanding organisational and people skills, as well as an understanding in finance, the ability to liaise with contractors and the management skills required to execute a major event. Study options are available via full time, part time and online delivery modes, ranging from business degrees to tailored event management courses.

Networking Opportunities

As with many aspects of the business sector, networking provides a great opportunity for meeting like-minded professionals in event management positions. If you’re choosing to gain a qualification, make opportunities to network while you’re still studying, as this will help you to gain a competitive advantage once you enter the workforce. With today’s modern technology, networking has never been easier. Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn have millions of members, offering expert advice and a range of industry contacts.

What to Expect

A day in the life of an event planner can be overwhelming, exciting, stressful and rewarding – all in the space of 30 minutes. When working for a reputable event management company, you will be required to organise and manage a number of different event styles, which may include parties, weddings, conferences, incentive group programs and product launches. Clients can sometimes be demanding, but you have to remember that one of the biggest moments in their life, is resting on your event management skills.

A career in event management allows you to be creative, offering companies and individuals different ideas and inspiration for their events. While event managers are able to offer creative insight, you also have to be willing to be flexible, striving to deliver events that reflect the client’s needs and style. Providing recommendations is a major part of event management, particularly for business events such as product launches. Choosing to become an event planner can provide a rewarding a fulfilling career. Successful event managers have the opportunity to travel the world, planning world class sporting events and parties for a variety of clientele.

This is a guest post.  Maggie is the Manager at a leading Event Management company in Sydney, Australia. She loves being involved in planning major events in Australia and the perks that come with the job. Away from work, Maggie likes to spend time with her children and relax at the local beach.

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