How To Make Your Office More Comfortable

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office-employeeMore and more employers are appreciating the advantage to having a more holistic approach to employee productivity.

In other words, they’re realising that the health and psychological well-being of employees has a strong impact on job performance.

One holistic aspect you may want to consider implementing around the office is creating a more comfortable work space for you and your employees.


If you’re going to be spending long hours at the desk in front of the computer, then its imperative that you have good posture. Back, shoulder and neck strain leads to achy muscles and discomfort.

It doesn’t just help to remind your employees to be aware of their posture. The arrangement of their desk, computer and chair needs to be arranged appropriately. For instance, your computer monitor should be at eye level, so that you aren’t looking up or down at your screen.

Even the incorrect position of your computer mouse can later be felt in your muscles. It might be a good idea to have a specialist come in and assess the ergonomics of the office.

Space management

Think about how the management of space in the office will make your employees feel. Are the bosses in luxuriously spacious offices while the employees have little space to themselves?

Are the managers situated separately from the rest of the employees, or is there a sense of shared space. Are there as many people as possible crammed in amidst towering piles of equipment, or is there space to get up and stretch your legs?


While you don’t have to spend a fortune on redecorating your office, it helps if you work in an appealing environment. Don’t only put care and thought into how the area your clients and partners see will look like, but also the behind the-scenes areas reserved for your workers.

When decorating though, first consider what kind of an image your company has. For instance, do you want to project a relaxed environment, or a tone of creativity and cutting edge?

Snacks and beverages

Having something to sip and nibble on without having to venture out the office to buy something can go a long way to making your employees feel more relaxed and at home.

You don’t have to provide an entire buffet every day, but some fruits and cereals would be appreciated. For beverages, a good quality water dispenser, decent coffee, and maybe some fruit juice will also go a long way in providing a comfortable atmosphere.

You might even want to stock a few beers for your employees.


Many employers might think this incompatible with a working environment, but many businesses have found the advantage in providing some means of light entertainment for their employees.

For instance having a pool table or darts board gives you a few minutes break from your schedules, which can help concentration in the long run. It’s also fun to have a table tennis tournament or something similar now and then to boost morale in the office.

Queenie Bates is a freelance writer currently based in Cape Town, South Africa.


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