How To Reinvent Your Career

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Take a look at your current job and the company that you work for, and try to imagine what things are going to look like five or six years from now. Do you see yourself still doing the same work, or will there possibly be a chance or two for promotion? Maybe some challenging tasks that will require teamwork, creative solutions and a little change of pace? If looking into the future only makes you bored and tired, almost as if the job is draining your vitality or you simply feel that you are not being paid enough money for your work and that your efforts are taken for granted, perhaps it is high time for you to reinvent your career.

Put your skills on paper

Start by writing down all your skill sets, accomplishments, previous work experiences and general knowledge in different fields that you feel you possess. On another piece of paper write all the things that you enjoy doing, that come naturally to you, maybe some things you always wanted to do but didn’t have the courage to commit to, like a hobby that has potential to be developed into a profitable full-time job, an interesting career in a different field or  even just a different job within the same company. Try and figure out what realistic options are available to you.

Make a plan

Before starting any endeavor you should have weighed the pros and cons of each career path and go through the multiple possible scenarios. Things you should consider doing include:

  • Finding something you are both good at and enjoy doing
  • Making sure you have a mentor, someone with experience in the field to help guide your first steps
  • Saving some money for rainy days before leaving your current job
  • Networking – there are a lot of people out there who can recommend you for or even give you a job, talk to the people around you and those make new connections on social networks
  • Writing a good resume and highlighting the skills and attributes you have developed that can be transferred into the new line of work
  • Committing yourself one hundred percent to achieving your goals, the initial phase might require some sacrifices so be prepared to weather the storm
  • Get a second opinion, you will want to brainstorm ideas with friends and family before deciding on anything, and think about getting help from a recruitment agency

Good money vs happiness

Reinventing your career doesn’t mean you will have to choose one over the other. You might have to start out at a lower position at first, but as long as you find someone who has been around in the business for a while to give you a few pointers, and work hard on incorporating as much of your existing skills into the new job you can even get to a higher level than you ever could in your previous career.

When reinventing yourself you don’t have to go all the way back and reinvent the wheel first, just take all the skills, knowledge and experience you have at your disposal and apply them in a different way. Think everything through carefully and have the courage to proceed with your dream.

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