How to Start Your Own Hairdressing Salon

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If you have the passion and determination required to start your own business and the skill set necessary to do the job then opening and running your own hair dressing salon could be the career you have been looking for. No matter how much technology changes and advances people will always require the services of a hairdresser, just like a plumber or an electrician’s skills the skills of the hairdresser will always be in demand. There will always be those that want the latest and freshest look applied to their hair every few weeks, and the regulars that will turn up every week in order to get their hair shampooed and styled. Remember the old saying; good style never goes out of fashion? Well in order to maintain that good style we need good stylists.

Steps to Consider

In order to lay the foundations for a successful business there are number of factors to bear in mind before you start doing business.

The Ideal Location: You need to make sure that you salon is located in a place that people can both find and travel to easily. You will need to attract walk in trade as well as have regular bookings in order to be successful.

Discount Supplies: You are going to be using a lot of hairdressing supplies so you need to be able to buy them in bulk at a good discount. Do some research into different trade outlets to see who can give you the best deal.

Assets and Investments: Aside from all of the day to day stock that you will be using you will need to obtain chairs, sinks, hairdryers and all other kinds of major equipment for your salon, you need to be able to buy these at the best price possible in order to keep your initial expenses down. You can recoup some money later by renting a ‘chair’ to another stylist.

Promotion and Advertising: You are going to need to promote your new business a lot to get it off the ground. A promotion and advertising campaign strategy is a must, as the more people you attract the more successful you will be. Get everything right at the start and you will find yourself with plenty of repeat customers. Organise a leaflet drop which contains not only your services and price list but also some money saving promotional offers.

Create a welcoming environment: No one wants to be sat twiddling their thumbs while they wait for their appointment, so make sure you are well stocked with magazines and update your magazine stock regularly to stop things getting stale. Also make sure that you have tea and coffee readily available for your clients. Aside from the glossy magazines and the weekly gossip magazines make sure you add some hair style magazines which your clients can look through for inspiration.

The greater the effort that you put into getting your business off the ground the more likely you are to maintain the effort and keep things going in the right direction.

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