How to Succeed as a Temp

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How to Succeed as a Temp

How to Succeed as a Temp

With more and more companies laying off employees and closing their doors, many individuals find themselves struggling to make ends meet. As time progresses families who once had two incomes are reduced to only one source of financial provision, and many single parent homes suffer when the only providing parent becomes unemployed. For children, students, adults and seniors alike, the worsening economy offers little hope of a stable or secure future.

With changing times however, comes changing resources. Often over looked until desperation sets in is the world of temping. The staffing industry, commanding profits in the billions, annually employ over eleven million temporary and contract employees in the United States alone. Other major nations with high temporary placements include Canada, the U.K. and Singapore. Within the last two years alone, the staffing industry has seen a drastic increase in candidate registration.

Temping–though not the ideal solution to anyone’s financial woes–does offer some relief from the stress of not being able to pay bills and meet other financial responsibilities. Benefits of temping include; some income rather than none at all; a flexible schedule that allows you to continue pursuing a full time permanent position, a refreshing change of scenery and even health insurance offered through some firms. Many temps accept permanent positions either through contract or temp to perm situations.

What is the best way to be a successful temp? Establish a good relationship with a reliable recruiter who understands your specific circumstances and goals. Recruiting is a sales and commission driven industry, but it does employ some of the most knowledgeable Human Resource professionals. These professionals have direct contact with hiring managers and can present you in a favorable light.

While temping, be sure your conduct and professionalism are at an all time high. Be honest with your recruiter so he or she will know where to place you depending on your objectives. If you are committed to a specific industry find a search firm designated to your interest. Though frowned upon, don’t be afraid to sign up with more than one placement agency or hesitate to walk away from a recruiter who is only concerned about their commission.

In business, a good referral can make or break your professional career. No matter what the situation, be sure to put your best foot forward and handle yourself with integrity. Remember that your agency and your temporary employer evaluate a long term opportunity based on your short term behavior.

Was this employment article helpful to you? For more information on your job search, career change, interviewing and how to succeed as a temp, check out a few career forums. You will be in good company and more than likely be able to connect with people who share your experiences. Career forums also offer invaluable advice on local temp agencies. The more you know, the better prepared you will be for success.

Finally, don’t be discouraged if you don’t land the perfect temp gig right away. What counts is the paycheck you will receive at the end of each assignment.

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