Illinois Top 5 Engineering Firms

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Sargent & Lundy, LLCFive specific engineering firms in Illinois are committed to providing quality customer service and unique techniques for every one of their clients, making them the top five firms in Illinois.

Sargent & Lundy, LLC

Based out of Chicago, Sargent & Lundy is the top engineering firm in the state of Illinois and has been providing customer satisfaction for over 120 years. Their staff is comprised of highly-qualified experts not just in power facility engineering, but in their operation and industry strategy as well, not to mention the involvement of experienced management staff involved in every single project. This combination brings the clients of Sargent & Lundy the best customer service in the business.

The company has designed over 6,200 circuit miles of top notch high-voltage and extra-high-voltage transmission line for their clients. Their power production is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly and is always improving to provide nothing but the best for clients of Sargent & Lundy.


Perkins+Will is one of the top engineering firms also based out of Chicago. The people at Perkins+Will take pride in being members of a “purpose-driven” engineering firm that is committed to providing its customers with a five-purpose service.

The five highest values, or purposes, are Design, which the company believes is the center of the practice in providing exquisite appearance and efficiency; Innovation in that the spirit of the firm consists of learning, research, and knowledge; Interdisciplinary Collaboration, because the power of teams leads to greater success; and Social Purpose, enhancing societies of today and the future.

Perkins+Will creates everything from corporate and commercial buildings to healthcare and education facilities, focusing on their five most important values involving their clients to provide highly-rated customer satisfaction.

Exp Consulting Firm

Exp offers its clients a variety of engineering and design services with outstanding customer satisfaction, making it one of the top engineering firms in Illinois. As one of the fastest growing consulting firms in North America, Exp has offices all across the continent, including throughout the United States and Canada.

Its numerous locations allow the company to serve many more customers with the committed excellence and attention that all clients deserve, its branch in Chicago one of the best firms in Illinois. Exp is also dedicated to providing high-quality services to persons with disabilities, as well.

Professional Service Industries, Inc.

The Oakbrook Terrace office of Professional Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) is part of the top five engineering firms in Illinois. With 85 offices across the country and a staff totaling approximately 2,300 bodies, PSI works with many clients who have projects on just one site or who have projects going on multiple sites to assist its clients in helping create higher satisfaction rates for their customers.

Clients of PSI are given the attention they deserve with accurate and consistent servicing provided in a timely manner. PSI has been serving customers since 1881 in a variety of fields. Today, the company offers everything from environmental consulting to geotechnical engineering to construction materials testing and engineering, and the list doesn’t stop there. PSI proudly provides businesses and industries with specialty engineering and testing services by staff that are trained and guarantee excellent customer service.

Ambitech Engineering Corporation

Ambitech values and strives to provide superior client service. The company’s philosophy, “What’s right for the client, is right for Ambitech” is what drives its employees to know and understand every client’s needs and to find solutions to meet those needs. To members of the Ambitech staff, each client’s request is not just a once-and-done job, it is the beginning of a long-term relationship to keep clients satisfied and comfortable knowing they can always rely on Ambitech for their engineering needs.

In order to meet these needs, Ambitech offers timely project completions that are affordable and reliable. Illinois has some of the best engineering firms in the country, and in some cases on the entire continent. Each company possesses something unique and desirable to bring to the table for its clients’ wants and needs, which is what makes each company so highly desirable in the world of engineering.


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