Interviews: The Little Things

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Interviews:The Little Things

Mint is your best friend right before an interview.

Going to an interview is scary. You’re hoping the interviewer likes you and fearing they won’t. It’s like a high pressure blind date.  But, there are little things you can do to help the interview go smoothly.


Bring two copies of your resume. You never know when the interviewer will forget to print out a copy. If this happens, and you save them the time and effort of printing one out, you look like Superman. Also, it’s common to be interviewed by two different people. If you have two copies, they each get their own.


Bring a list of references. This way, if you’re asked about references, you won’t have to dig out your phone and start looking for numbers. Make a reference sheet that is similar in style to your resume.  This will make you look put together and organized.


Pay attention to the little things. Make sure your nails are a good length and well maintained. You don’t have to go out and get a manicure but, clipping and filing your nails will help them to look neat.

Also, use hand lotion a few hours before the interview. The lotion will make your hands look and feel better for that important handshake.

Before the Interview

Arrive a little early so you can walk around the block or sit in your car and relax before you go in. You don’t want to be forced to run in, frazzled from traffic. This just increases your nerves and distracts you from all of the research you’ve (hopefully!) done.

Shortly before your interview, suck on a strong breath mint. Yes, you brushed your teeth already but, it’s ok to be a little paranoid in this department. So, pop an Altoid or something similar. Just make sure to either swallow it or spit it out before you walk in. You don’t want to have to talk around your breath mint while you’re interviewing.

Do not smoke in your interview outfit. You don’t want to smell like smoke. You don’t want to be the person who triggered the interviewer’s allergies.

Another strong scent to avoid is perfume and cologne. You never know who will be allergic to it. So, it’s best to skip your fragrance when you’re interviewing somewhere new.

During the Interview

Greet everyone your meet in the office. Many hiring managers check up on this after an applicant interviews. You want to show how well you will fit in at this company. So, say hello, introduce yourself, and be polite and friendly.

Acing these little parts of the interview won’t guarantee you a job. But, they will help your interview to go more smoothly.

What are other, little things to help guarantee a second interview?


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