Is A Marketing Career Right For You?

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If you enjoy developing a brand, product, or idea, a career in marketing may be suitable for you. Marketing careers are diverse; there is something for just about everyone. If you also enjoy working with numbers, designing graphics, planning strategy, managing projects, or crafting communications, you may find working in marketing a very interesting option!

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Know what you like

As there are different types of marketing roles, and some apply only to specific industries, you will need to take a good look to understand which are your interests, strengths and skills. You need to understand where you would be the happiest and most effective. Something valuable is to start a list of companies that interest you and then study them further.

Try to get as much information as possible –maybe arranging informational interviews- in order to get the inside of what it really is to work in that company. In this way you will discover more in detail about the different companies and you will be able to narrow down your list until you find out your ideal position and ideal company. Try to figure out what kind of customers,kinds of projects, company size, and corporate culture  you would enjoy more.

What to expect

Marketers equally enjoy the financials of the business as well as the creative aspects. In addition, marketing careers commonly invite for a strong interest in management of people, as many marketing efforts are organized around teams.

Regardless of the specific marketing position, there are some basic skills and interests that marketing professionals should have, marketers enjoy leading a process from start to finish. Marketers normally own their product or service and essentially run a small business, so entrepreneurial interest is a positive trait.

They usually have higher creative interests than greatest operating managers and are effective at communicating with various stakeholders in an organization. As a marketer you should expect and be ready for a diverse, dynamic work experience, with new challenges emerging every day. You should also expect a fast-paced, often challenging environment, with lots of internal and external pressures.

Seasonal fluctuations are common in marketing workload, however, you have to know that travel is a job requirement, whether to a customer account, to supervise local market research or to a manufacturing facility, you will have to travel on weekly bases.

Is marketing right for you?

To evaluate whether or not marketing is right for you, examine yourself and discover if you have and enjoy using the following skills:

Initiative, Leadership/Management, Analytical and Strategic-thinking, Teamwork, Creativity/Innovation, Communication, Organizational/Time Management.

Although these are the basics skills needed by all marketers, the importance of each of these skills will vary depending on the industry and sector of marketing. High-tech and industrial firms may also look for candidates with either a technical background, or demonstrated ability to understand technical concepts. In addition, individuals interested in market research may need stronger analytical skills.

There are numerous career paths available for individuals interested in marketing. Typical career paths include:

– Brand Management


-Market research

– Advertising

-Pharmaceutical Marketing

-High-Technology Marketing

-Retail Marketing

-Marketing Consulting

-Conduct analysis

-Execute projects

-Interact and provide service to other departments

-Understand key issues and marketing opportunities

Marketing also has different industries where you can target for specific types of work:

Financial, Health Care, Public utilities, Entertainment, Travel, Real Estate, Non-profit Organizations, Retail Marketing: Warehouse clubs, Department stores, Restaurant chains, Gas chains.

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