Is It Time for a New Career?

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You may be sick of your job, but is it that you just don’t like where you work, or is it is that you are burned out with your career?

Maybe it is time for a new career, or maybe you just need a change of scenery. Here are some questions you should ask yourself to determine whether you should consider a career change:

  • You are bored to death with your job, not just your employer: There is a difference between being sick of a particular employer, and sick of the type of job itself.  If the thought of working at the same job for another company makes you excited, then you don’t need a new career – just a job elsewhere. If the thought of doing the same job even with a different company makes you nauseated, then it is time for a new career.
  • Your industry is dying: As good as you are in your profession, if you are in an industry that is in its death throes, you need to find something else to do before it is too late.
  • You have gone as far as you can in this career:  If there is no opportunity to advance further, and you are already at the maximum salary, maybe you would like to explore other opportunities in a different career.
  • You have moral issues with your career: If you are in a profession that is killing your soul because you have such issues with it, then you really need to find a career that you are more morally and spiritually aligned with. At the very least, you will sleep better at night.
  • You want to pursue your dream: Your current career is not in alignment with the dreams you had about what you wanted to do with your life. You can still pursue your dream, if it’s not too late. Some career coach experts say that one thing you might want to do, though, is this: If your dream involves an extremely competitive field, where you may never succeed, you might want to hang onto your day job in some way.
  • You are never going to advance in your career:  Maybe you are not exactly a superstar at your career. Unlike your friends, you are not getting big raises or promotions. In that case, why not try to find a career that you would be better at?
  • Your life situation doesn’t align with your career anymore: Perhaps your career requires much travel, but you now have a special needs child you need to stay close to. Or maybe you do’t want to put in 70 hours a week in your field anymore. Or it could be that you want to live in a different area, one where you won’t be able to find a job in your current career. Whatever the reason, you have the right to seek a different sort of life.

Whatever your reason for looking for a new career is, be smart, do your homework, and make sure you are financially able to take the leap. Good luck.

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