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food-scienceCollege is a fun but often frustrating time. So many decisions can have a bearing on the course of your life. One of the most important decisions is what to major in. With so many options it can seem overwhelming.

A little bit of research can help you out along the way. We continue with our series on jobs and majors. Today we look at Food Science and Management.

Food science can be an interesting degree. It combines the biological, chemical and physical knowledge of food and how it interacts with the human body.  The most obvious careers are in the food manufacturing industries but there are some other options available. Here are some.

Food Chemist

A food chemist is a scientific professional who studies how chemistry affects food and beverages. This not only applies to health and nutrition but even aroma and taste.  You would be in charge of overseeing and evaluating food experiments, verify qualities of food and even developing better food techniques.  A degree specialization in food chemistry opens this field up to much government work and beverage companies.

Flavor Chemist

This field is pretty much what it sounds like you. You specialize in developing and enhancing food quality and flavor.  This field works extensively with natural and artificial flavor, often combing the two together. While generally you need a bachelor’s degree in food science some places accept a degree in chemistry or biology instead. Possible employers include food manufacturing companies, beverage companies and certain government agencies.

Food Plant Production Supervisor

A food plant supervisor is in charge and responsible for ensuring food production goals are met. You would also be in charge of monitoring and making sure federal regulations were met. Other duties include planning food production schedules and testing food quality. One qualification is a food science degree but additional qualifications can include a business management degree or a minor in food nutrition. Plant supervisors also create reports and work with quality control to develop training programs for employees.

Food Microbiologist

Food microbiologists are a very specialized field that study and research how microorganisms interact with foods and their environments.  Duties could range from monitoring food reactions, documenting and reporting results and performing lab tests.  Once again a bachelor’s degree in food sciences or microbiology is needed for this field along with some heavy course work in chemistry as well. Some employers will require you to have prior experience with food safety and food chemicals. Food plants, food processing and academic institutions are possible employers.

This field can be complex to study but open numerous doors to a successful career. Check accredited universities such as Trident University is a great way to obtain your degree.

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