Like a Boss: Five Top Tips for New Managers

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Working your way up to management can be one of the most rewarding achievements in the working world, climbing the ladder and bettering yourself until you’re safe in a place of a great integrity, using all the skills you have accumulated up until this role, and adding new ones every day. Of course, stepping into those shoes for the first time is always going to involve finding your feet, and with that in mind, here are five ways to make learning to swim in the big pool a little easier.

Get Your Team On board Straight Away – As a new manager, you’ll likely be taking over a team of people. People skills are one of the most integral components of any good manager’s toolkit, and when you arrive, making a good first impression will be utterly invaluable. Gather your team for a meeting, and let them know, you’re new to this role, and you’re not going to barge in and make any life-altering changes without everyone’s input; you’re a team player, and so should they be. This idea of working together will display your charisma as a manager, whilst creating an open environment, allowing you to evaluate the amount of development and direction individual employees need.

Know Your Staff – Not just names and numbers, your team are people, so get to know who they are. Understand what they do, where they hope to get to, the things they enjoy, the things they don’t, who they live with, what the name of their pet rabbit is… if it’s important to them, it’s important to you.

Create Cultures, Not Rules – It’s a tricky one, and appropriate on a long term basis, but by instilling the idea of cultures into your team, as in, an environment where necessary compliance simply happens, you’ll be seen as a great leader who achieves not only team satisfaction, but also results.

‘Authentic Leadership’ – Transparency isn’t just the latest hook your company is trying to catch customers with, it’s also one of the best ways to assert your managerial prowess. Being you and being clear and concise with your team will strengthen your trust value, and allow everyone to work together.

Frontline Presence – To staff, there can sometimes be nothing worse than a manager who remains locked in his office all day. In a customer-facing environment, this can have a negative impact should it become clear that the boss is rarely available. Being on hand to solve problems and oversee processes first hand as often as possible is vital, certainly in a new role.

Becoming a manager isn’t easy, but just like the journey there, it’s a rewarding and experience-building role that you can take a lot home from, so follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to management mastery in no time!

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