Losing a Job Might Be A Blessing in Disguise

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We are currently going through some of the toughest economic times most of us have ever seen. Chances are that at some point in your life, if it hasn’t already happened,  you might lose your job. This can be one of the most stressful things that can ever happen.

Maybe they say you’re “being laid off”, “part of downsizing the company”, “being let go”, or maybe they just say “you’re fired”!  Regardless of the reason if you lose a job it can completely turn your world completely upside down.

Our jobs are more than just a way that we make money. For most people out jobs are a way we identify ourselves. How many times have you said “what do you do” when meeting someone. Jobs can give us structure, purpose, and a real meaning to our daily lives. Losing a job can be one of the most stressful and difficult things in a persons life so how do you deal with the loss of the job and who do you turn to for help?

Dealing With Job Loss

Losing employment can make you hurt, feel rejected, and very angry. Emotions like these are normal a and you probably have every right to be upset. The stress of losing your employment is multiplied when you have many responsibilities that fall on your shoulders. Taking care of spouses, partners, children, and other responsibilities like paying your mortgage or rent all hinge on employment. Not having employment can lead to fear and depression. That anxiety can paralyze people so they can’t move forward with their lives.

You will have to accept the reality that your job is gone and new employment must be secured. Try not to dwell on the fact that losing your job may have been completely unfair. Even if you did everything in your power to do the best for your employer sometimes you are still let go. It doesn’t mean that you’re a terrible person or loser. In fact, some of the most successful people had major setbacks during their careers. Did you know that Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star because they said he lacked imagination and had no good ideas? Or that Thomas Edison was fired from his job because he spilled some acid it on the floor?

These are just some of the examples of people who were fired from their jobs for one reason or another. Being fired from their jobs gave them the opportunity to pursue other dreams and just look how far they went.  They saw the silver lining on that big scary cloud… being fired, and said i’m taking these lemons and i’m making lemonade. It’s cheesy but it’s true.

Get Support Moving On

Having someone support you through these tough times can be crucial. The fear and anxiety can paralyze even the most driven people and a life coach is someone who can guide you through the dark maze of job loss. Sure you may have friends and family who will try to help you through tough times. They are great resources, in some cases, to they can help you find new employment prospects. But sometimes they simply aren’t enough.

Finding trained professionals like a life coaches can set you on the right path finding your dream job. Life coaches work with you on an individual basis to achieve very specific goals. Seize the opportunity that can be given to you through the loss of the job by making the most out of your situation. A coach may direct you to go back to school to get more training and education to find your dream job. Or maybe they can help you understand all of the options you have in front of you. Regardless of where you want to end up, having someone in your corner to pump you up in-between rounds when everything looks dim is crucial. Somebody like a life coach can do just that for you.

This is a guest post.  Robert Cordray is a retired business consultant and freelance writer for noomii.com. He currently resides by the beautiful beach, with his beautiful wife, and beautiful kids.

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