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My Career

My Career

My Career Resources provides information you need to improve your job search and increase your success rate.  If you find this information helpful and want your own career guide you can print and use, then take a look at our Job and Career Guide page.

My Career Success Checklist

The following job search tips are a part of My Career Resources.  Each step on the checklist will provide hints and tips to guide you through the job search process.

1. Decide what you want to do. Submitting resumes and application blindly will just take up your time.  Create a list of positions for which you qualify.

2. Have a professional cover letter and resume ready for submission.

3. Keep track of all the jobs you apply and follow up with the correct company contact.

4. Push (but don’t be pushy) for an interview.

5. Prepare or your interview i.e. research the company, have interview questions and answers ready and take care in your personal grooming to look presentable.

Cover Letter Examples

Cover letter examples help you create your own professional cover letters. Do you want three cover letter examples and resume examples you can download and modify to use in your job search?  Download our Microsoft Word template package with instructions HERE.

Cover Letter Examples

Cover Letter Tips

Having cover letter examples will help you visually format your cover letter.  My Career Resources also provides you with important information to add to your cover letter.  You want your cover letter to stand out but you also want to make sure it includes some basic required information.

1. Tailor your cover letter by including the company’s name, position location and how you found out about the position (website name, newspaper or an employee’s name).

2. Always extend an invitation for the recruiter or manager to contact you directly by including your email and phone number.

3. Specify at the end of the cover letter a day and time you will follow up with the recruiter or hiring manager.

Resume Examples

What are cover letter examples without resume examples?  My Career Resources provides all the resources you need to get a new job.  The following sample is a chronological resume.  Not sure how to write a cover letter or a resume yourself?

Do you want three cover letter examples and resume examples you can download and modify to use in your job search?  Download our Microsoft Word template package with instructions HERE.

Resume Examples 


Resume Objective

Your resume objective is the first thing recruiters and hiring managers read on your resume.  It’s important to make a good impression when writing your resume objective.  Here are a few tips that will help you form a succinct and effective resume objective.

1. Create a title for yourself i.e. Professional Graphic Artist.

2. Include the name of your target company in your resume objective.

3. Identify what you are looking for and/or what you are offering your target company.

Interview Questions

Interview questions are an extremely important part of your job search.  You can formulate prepared answers for questions you will be asked and questions you should consider asking during an interview.

When you get to this stage in your job search, have the right answers and interview questions ready.  My Career Resources wouldn’t be complete without interview questions so take a look and at these sample questions.

1. What is the reason for your job change?

2. Why should we hire you instead of another candidate?

3. What contribution can you make to improve our company?

4. What previous experience do you have that qualifies you for this position?

5. Why do you want this job?

Indeed Jobs

Indeed Jobs, as you may or may not know, is our favorite job search engine.  Why?  Because it has a lot of great resources you won’t find anywhere else.  Perhaps you’ve read a few of our blog posts with job trends from Indeed Jobs.

My Career Resources HIGHLY recommends their website for your job search.  Check out some cool features from Indeed Jobs below.

Great Features of Indeed Jobs

1. A job search engine that compiles jobs from other jobsites to help save you time monitoring numerous sites every day.

2. A resume posting service to attract recruiters and employers.

3. A salary research tool to help you calculate and negotiate your salary offers.

4. A job search forum for networking and career advice from other jobseekers and industry professionals.

5. A global presence that literally allows you to search for jobs all over the world.

Indeed Jobs

My Career Resources

As you can see My Career Resources offers great information to make your job search successful.  Each section above; Cover Letter Examples, Resume Examples, Resume Objective, Interview Questions and Indeed Jobs are all useful tools in reaching your career goals.  Each section has other pages dedicated to the same information so feel free to check out the articles under the My Career category.

If you feel you need a more comprehensive easy to use guide for your job search download our Job and Career Guide.

Do you believe these are helpful resources?  Tell us what you think will help you and what other information you would like to see in the My Career category.


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