New Year, New Job – How To Find The Right Career For You

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new-year-new-careerA New Year can bring about plenty of changes in people’s lives, many for the better. Those who make a resolution to find a new job may have spent the beginning of the year scratching their heads, trying to decide what they want to do.

It can be tough to make a big choice such as changing career paths, even if you know what you want to be doing. This simple guide breaks down the ins and outs of picking the right career for you.

Step 1: Do you know what you want to do?        

If yes, then go to step 2. If no, then it is time to get out the pen and paper! Make a list of all the possible careers that have ever interested you, even when you were a child (princesses or dragon slayers probably don’t need to be featured).

Now look through the list one by one and if you get any negative feelings towards a particular career cross it off. Keep doing this until you find yourself drawn to a few that are definite maybes. You may even only have one left! Now you can go onto step 2.

Step 2: Are you qualified to do what you want to do?

No matter what your age, it is not too late to become qualified in a certain area. There are plenty of courses that you can study from home that will put you on the right career path.

If it’s easier then go to university instead! Make sure you think about things such as finances, home and family situation and so on, before making the choice to study again. You may also be able to ‘learn on the job’ with apprentices, or in-job training positions so do some research beforehand. If you already have the qualifications then move on to step 3.

Step 3: Securing the right job

So, you know exactly what you want to do (or have at least narrowed it down) and are qualified for the task. Now it comes down to looking for the perfect job, that is going to set you along the right career path for good.

If your choice is something particular such as teaching, then search on job websites and boards that are specifically for that industry. Many employers will use these job sites as their first port of call, as they are more likely to receive relevant applications.

Using larger job websites can give you a whole range of options, but you are likely to be swallowed up in the hundreds of other applications that the employers will be sent every day. Popular career choices such as journalism, PR work, marketing and media can be tough markets to crack.

The key to getting the job you want is to not give up hope and resort to something else. Offer some voluntary work, or to do an unpaid internship if it will give you some experience on your CV. Plus it will give you something to do while you’re waiting for a paid job to come along.

Camilla McKeon is a recruitment specialist who teaches in her spare time. She loves sharing knowledge and inside tips about recruiting, but dislikes having to job hunt herself! Camilla always suggests Academics as a website for finding good teaching jobs quickly.


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