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Networking for jobsSearching for a new job is a tedious and time-consuming business, and often we end up applying for things that will ‘do for now’ rather than finding our dream jobs. There are many online resources designed to help make the search process quicker, easier and more accurate however.

Search Engines

Indeed allows users to set up search criteria and receive email alerts when jobs that match their list of keywords come onto the market. Although it still pays to do a physical search every day, this tool comes in handy when you have had enough of sitting at a computer all day searching and keeps you abreast of what jobs are out there.

Monster is another similar premise. You type in any keywords or job titles that are relevant and then the site searches thousands of job advertisements online for those and directs you to those that seem appropriate.

LinkUp searches thousands of company websites on your behalf, again based on keywords and also your postcode. Sites such as this can save you hours of time trawling through the internet.

Social Media Networks

LinkedIn lets you connect to people you know, but is formulated to help you search for the jobs you want. You can perform a company search if there is a particular business you are interested in working for, email friends letting them know what you are looking for and link to a blog, where you can detail your skills and work history for potential employers.

Twitter is one of the few social networking sites that allows you to connect to people you don’t already know, which can be invaluable when searching for a new job. You can also read people’s bios to see who they work for and evaluate whether or not you would be interested in working for the same company.

Evaluation Sites

GlassDoor features job listings, but it also posts salary information and reviews of companies posted by employees. If you were interested in working for ‘Joe Blogs’, you could type that into the search engine and read reviews by actual employees to get a feel for what the company is like to work for.

Vault provides a similar service, including rankings of the best companies to work for based on employee reviews. It breaks the rankings down into industry type and area, and offers advice on interview techniques. Most of the information is posted by other users, so it can be useful to read plenty and take the best hints and tips to heart.

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