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Dressing for success sounds clichéd, but it really does work. A man can enter the business world with only a few dark suits to his name, and no one will be the wiser. He only has to be careful about the order in which he wears them. The nature of women’s clothing means that it can be very obvious when a young woman is wearing the same work clothes all the time.

Women who are just entering the workforce cannot usually afford to buy new wardrobes before they start their new jobs. They need to carefully select a few basic items that can be worn often. Colour twin sets, those ever-popular camisole tops and their matching cardigans, are standard women’s wear. It may be tempting to purchase a few sets, but they will not sustain very much wear. It is very obvious when a woman wears the same bright color too often.

If the woman has her heart set on wearing twin sets to work, she should purchase some in black, charcoal, navy blue and dark brown. It is not uncommon for professional women to wear black every day, so no one will notice if a new hire has to wear the same black outfit twice in one week.

The same rule applies to pants. Three pairs of basic black slacks in flattering cuts will suffice until the young woman has saved up enough money to expand her wardrobe. A black A-line knee-length skirt provides variation and is modest enough for most workplaces.

As the woman makes her way up the ranks at work, she should upgrade her wardrobe to match her rising status. If she began her career in sensible flat shoes, she should gradually make the transition to sturdy pumps. Switching to a new kind of shoes will cost a bit of money, but the impression it will make upon her coworkers is worth the price.

When one walks with authority in a distinctively feminine pair of shoes, she is letting people know that she is successful. A pair of black leather pumps is a good starting point, but she should eventually purchase a pair of brown heels as well. The brown shoes will be worn with blue, brown, beige and other neutral colors.

Blazers complete any casual outfit. A t-shirt can be worn to work if a blazer is worn over it. Purchasing a high-quality, well-tailored blazer is an investment that allows one to save a lot of money in the long run. Slim-fitting v-neck shirts can be purchased in bulk at most clothing stores. A week’s worth of shirts like this can be worn with a blazer and the aforementioned pants or skirts to create the impression of having an extensive work wardrobe. In reality, only the shirts have been changed.

Inexpensive jersey dresses are formal enough for the office if they are accessorized properly. This is another reason to own a blazer. A casual dress can be disguised with the blazer and some dignified shoes. Learning how to wear dresses comfortably during the daytime eliminates the need to buy expensive separates.

Shopping for work clothes on a budget requires creativity and an eye for versatility. Embracing professional attire is an easy way for a woman to set herself apart from her peers in the field.

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