Preparing for Change in Employment Trends

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There is no doubt about it, change is constant. It happens in businesses and also for those seeking employment. Today there are many ways of searching for work such as the various Internet resources, but if your skills are less than up to date you may want to take a course or two before entering the work force.

It used to be that employees were loyal. They stayed on a job for many years and rarely looked for anything else. Today the younger more assertive generation does not believe in loyalty to anyone but themselves. This generation of go-getters is salary and perks based and if the benefits do not fit their lifestyle, they move on. Generally this generation keeps a job around three years and then moves on to the next.

Traits You Must Have

There are some must haves for any person looking to obtain a higher paying job in this difficult market.

  • For one you must have computer skills. You must be computer literate and able to operate at a high level of functionality. Many companies, in an effort to reduce overhead, are allowing many workers to work from home on computers set up by the company. This means not only must you be able to navigate and proficiently use the programs but you must know how to conference and send materials back and forth, often operating under time constraints.
  • The salary that is earned is measured by your skills, education and work record. Having advanced schooling is required to land that dream job.
  • You must be willing to search for a job in new places. The internet is now the playground for many companies looking for skilled workers. Many jobs are no longer advertised but rather are acquired through word of mouth. This makes looking for work a bit harder as many open positions are no longer advertised.
  • Try looking for employment with a smaller business. The small business is still hiring while the large corporations are experiencing a freeze in hiring.
  • There are more people applying for the same job than in previous years so you need to have an exceptional resume and schooling behind you.

Preparation is Essential

It is important that if you are seriously looking for a position in any field that you are prepared. Unlike earlier days, today you will find that there are more opportunities available in the smaller businesses than the larger companies. You need to stay one step ahead of the competition by brushing up on your computer skills and maybe even taking on a class or two to learn the new programs. In the end it is all up to you.

Apply for something that interests you and that you have passion for will make your new job worth the efforts. The process to obtain a job has certainly changed the way you search for that golden opportunity. What sets you apart from the competition is the way that you present yourself. Being prepared and sharpening your skills is a sure way to get you to the top of the list of thousands of resumes.

This is a guest post.  Julian Hartley is a consultant for, a recruiting firm for the phamaceutical and scientific industries. 

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