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QuickBooks from Intuit is a versatile accounting and finance software package that’s ideal for small businesses. Along with all of its other features, QuickBooks provides an extensive online template gallery that streamlines the process of generating forms. There are over 100 free pre-designed business form templates in the gallery, including forms for sales receipts, invoices and estimates. Forms are offered for many different industries and are available with a wide range of styles, graphics and layouts. Users can simply download and use the forms as they are or can customize them with extra text, company logos and more. The Templates Gallery for Forms makes generating versatile forms simple and quick.

Using QuickBooks Templates

The process of using the online templates couldn’t be easier. A user can simply navigate to the Template Gallery for Forms page on the QuickBooks website, then scroll down the page to find an appropriate form. Alternatively, the user can click the Quick Links button to be taken to a particular type of form. All the forms can be printed. Some forms are designed for sending via email; these are indicated by a Suitable for Email label. Invoice, Estimate or Statement templates that can be sent by email have “E-mail” at the beginning of the template’s name.

Once you’ve found an appropriate template, you click the “Download” button. This opens a “File Download” window; clicking “Open” will start the download. You may need to wait a few minutes for the form to download completely. Once the download completes, the template will be placed on your Templates list and the Basic Customization window will open.

Be sure to click “Open” rather than “Save” — “Open” will put the file in your QuickBooks Templates list, whereas “Save” only places a copy on your hard drive. Once the template is in your list, you can click the Customize Name button to give it a different name.

Customizing Templates

Now that you have your chosen template in QuickBooks, you can use QuickBooks’ Layout Designer to customize it for your individual business’ requirements. The Layout Designer allows you to delete elements of the form that you don’t need and enables you to add new elements that are more suitable: instructions and other text, extra fields and boxes, your company’s name and logo or graphic elements, for instance.

Changing the Form Type in QuickBooks

If you find a design you like but it’s not available as the type of form you require — it’s an Invoice, for example, and you want an Estimate — you can create a duplicate and edit it to transform it into your desired type of form. Just open the Template list, select the template you want to duplicate, the click the “Templates” button at the bottom of the list and choose the “Duplicate” option. Click the type of form you want to create and viola — you have a brand new form. You can then change the name and edit the new form to remove any text or other information referring to the existing form type and replace it with the text you want.

With the Template Gallery at your disposal, you’ll never struggle to create a clear, professional form again.

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