Singing at College

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I love the TV shows like Glee and American Idol. I have always thought that I would have stood a great chance of doing ever so well in that sort of show as I just love singing. I am not being big headed here but I really believe I have a great voice and I know that apart from my nights in Karaoke bars in my home town I really could have impressed.

But my parents were never behind me on this subject. They knew the chance of me getting a career out of singing was on the extreme low side and thus they kept my concentration on books, essay editing and hours of extra homework. All of this studying was to get me through to college. That I achieved.

When I arrived here I settled in very quickly as everyone here is young and the same as you. How can you not settle in and within a week I was already making firm friends and meeting and socializing with others?

One girl who I call JB is in an out of class group called Glee Performers. She told me it was like a cross between American Idol and Glee where people competed to get through to “star” in a weekly musical put on for other students and people in the area. It had been going two years and sounded like great fun so I asked if I could join in? The only thing I needed apparently was talent.

So now was the test. I always believed I was talented and here was my opportunity to prove it, but it was also going to be the opportunity to fail and crush my dreams forever. I am sure you will agree this is a bit of a risk to be sure.

I walked in on a Thursday night and was given three songs to learn within a couple of hours. None of them I really knew, so I opted for My Way, as this was a record my dad would sing most days in the bath so I at least knew the tune to the words. Though my dad would never have claimed to have been Frank Sinatra.

I sang it with everything I had. I felt so good as I moved around the stage and I never dropped a word or stalled at all. The performance was faultless. The judges confirmed and those horrible words came through “not this time, I am sorry”. They had rejected me. I was probably not as good as I though t I was. So now it was back to homework, essay editing and studying. Nothing like a smack around the face to wake you up.

This is a guest post.  Sammy Tribbe has now realized that she is never going to be an American Idol and will settle for law instead.

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