Stupid Interview Questions

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Stupid Interview Questions

Before you go on an interview, take time to think of a few good questions to ask.

In school, we were all told “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” Well, that’s not true. During a job interview, there are plenty of stupid questions that applicants ask all of the time but, shouldn’t.

Will there be a drug test?

Never ask this question. It makes you sound like a drug addict. Either there is a drug test or there isn’t. You can’t prepare yourself for it if it’s in the near future anyway. So, you might as well let your interviewer assume that you will be able to pass it.

If you know you won’t be able to pass a drug test, asking about one just calls attention to your situation. You don’t want to remind your interviewer about something that you would rather they forget anyway.

Will there be a criminal background check?

Like the drug test question, this question does not make you look good. If you ask this, you look like you have something to hide. So, do yourself a favor, and don’t ask. You can always ask something more general like “What would be the next step in the hiring process?” to see what the interviewer says.

What are the good restaurants around here for lunch?

This should be a question for your first day of work, not your interview. This question causes the interviewer to think you’ll be lazy and a clock watcher. It’s not a good idea to ask questions that make you sound like anything but a hard worker.

I won’t have to wear a tie every day, will I?

If you ask this, you will come off like Cletus, the Slack Jawed Yokel. Save questions about the dress code for after you have a job offer. Otherwise, you risk sounding like someone who will be a constant HR problem due to dress code violations.

So, what kind of company is this?

You should already know what type of company you are interviewing at. Asking a question like this shows that you have done absolutely no research for your interview. You look unprepared and like you don’t care about this interview.

How much vacation time will I get?

This is another question that makes you sound lazy. Of course, you want to know what the vacation time and other benefits are like but, you shouldn’t ask until after you have a job offer.

In the end, don’t ask questions that put you in a negative light. Think about your questions before you get to your interview. This will give you time to prepare intelligent questions that will help you put your best foot forward.

What stupid interview questions have you heard?


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