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two-cooksGetting a job and earning money in today’s economy is extremely difficult, this is why I have decided to list some low cost business start up ideas.

It is likely your interest is going to fall into one of these categories, meaning you have found the perfect job for yourself that you can run all on your own, managing your own work load and how much profit you want to make from it.


Do you enjoy cooking? Have you spent hours at the stove making up new amazing recipes that you love to share with your family and friends? Do you look forward to making a lovely dinner to fill your whole family, why not think about making a career from it?

Many people now employ personal chefs, and if you love to cook, then this could be the perfect job for you. Rather than searching for a job in this sector, why not offer your services to people at a set rate? You can advertise your services on the internet or even post leaflets through homeowner’s doors.

You should make sure that you target the right people if you decide to post leaflets otherwise you will get a bad name for your new business.

Delivery System

How many times have you left the pub on a Friday or Saturday night and wanted to carry on the partying, only to find that you have no alcohol in your home. You may want to consider setting up your own alcohol delivery system, and as there are so little of these available, it is quite easy to earn a good few quid from it.

You will need to purchase a personal license from your local council which will cost £37. You can advertise your services on the internet, social networks, local pubs and even through leaflets.

Gift Baskets

If you love being creative, why not set up your own gift basket service? You can make a large choice of different gift baskets, including:

  • New born babies
  • Home warming present
  • Birthday present
  • Christmas present
  • Easter goodies

There are many more occasions that you will be able to create these gift baskets for, each occasion you should add some different to the basket to really suit the needs. Making the gift baskets can be quite cheap and as long as you make it look attractive, you will get a lot of interest earning yourself quite a lot of money.

Repair Tools

If you have expertise in repairing old tools or even car parts, why not set up your own service offering to repair them? A majority of people with broken tools like to find a way to either fix them or to get rid of them, you can choose to either pay a small fee to buy the tools off them or you can offer to fix them for a set price.

If you do buy the tools off them, you can then sell them on for a much better price when they are fixed and ready to use, earning yourself a good few quid.

Kerry loves thinking of new ways to earn money; she started her own business repairing used construction machines and then sold them on

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