Telecommuting Careers

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Telecommuting Careers

Telecommuting Careers

Telecommuting careers received a lot of attention when gas prices were beyond insufferable in 2008. Today they are still popular not just because of the gas savings but the convenience and flexibility with scheduling. Parents with busy schedules, employees with part time jobs and injured workers have all taken the telecommuting leap.

Tailor your career guide to use two ways to secure a position that allows you to work out of your own home. You can negotiate converting your current position into a telecommute opportunity – should this be an option based on what you do. The second option is to seek out and apply for a position that is already classified as a telecommuting role.

Important factors to consider when taking on such a change in environment include your own abilities to manage time, communicate, multitask and of course whether or not you can differentiate between professional responsibilities and home responsibilities. A career guide will help you organize your telecommute options.

Here are ten popular telecommuting careers:

1. Anything computer related i.e., graphic design, software design or even website consultation.

2. Writing has become a phenomenal way to make money online through blogging or website content.

3. Customer service is ideal for those who have people skills, a phone line and a reliable computer.

4. Virtual administrative assistants are another hot commodity on the rise.

5. Transcribing and billing services for the medical, legal and IT industries are also in high demand.

6. Childcare services though not the typical telecommute job does offer the work at home benefit.

7. If you just want to get out of an office you can make great money delivering papers and magazines.

8. Website design has become an easy and profitable business. Think WordPress!

9. Data entry is an old profession but it’s still a paying profession and one you can do from home.

10. My personal favorite is creating an opportunity for yourself. Take your passion to the next level!

When pursuing a new telecommute position – as opposed to converting your existing job – the key to success is being able to identify transferable skills to the new role. You should also have a space (preferable an office) in which you can work without distractions. This area should be separate from the rest of your home in that it will allow you to focus on your responsibilities. Write down potential work space areas in your career guide.

Be cautious if you plan to seek a new position. Thoroughly check out the position and company to make sure everything is legitimate. Use a section of your career guide to list opportunities and then investigate each one. With the rise of interest in work at home jobs, come the rise of scams for these positions. You want to make money not lose it.

So just how do you find these positions? Don’t you hate when people tell you what you should do, but don’t explain how to actually do it? Check out Virtual Vocations. From your favorite jobsite perform a search with quotation marks for “telecommute”. This will yield results for jobs that offer this option. Search Google, Yahoo and or Bing (MSN) for telecommuting jobs portals (websites). From there you will be able to narrow down your search to positions more fitting to your interests and skill set. Keep track of your results in your career guide so you don’t duplicate your efforts

Once settled into a real position you can manage from home, you might find your life running a bit smoother than before. All the best to your success and peace of mind!

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