The 5 Highest Paying Jobs for 2013

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The Bureau of Labor and Statistics uses a national employment, “Matrix,” database that keeps track of over 1,000 jobs and their ongoing statistics. Using data collected between 2010 and the present, job growth through the year 2020 can be accurately forecasted.

As the baby boomer generation reaches age 65, the largest job growth can be seen in the medical field. This comes as no surprise; it’s been the trend for over a decade. But let’s set aside the raw job growth data, and take a look at the careers which will actually be paying the highest salaries in 2013.

These numbers are based on the Bureau of Labor and Statistic’s most recent 2012 data. The ranking criteria used here are based primarily on average salaries. The rate of job growth was also factored in. The jobs that you see here are known to be increasing in demand at a rate that matches or exceeds the national average of 14.3%.

5. Natural Science Managers Average Salary: $128,200

Generally, natural science managers start out working as scientists with at least a bachelor’s degree in natural science or similar. In short, they’re responsible for planning and supervising the work of scientists. Natural science managers can be successful in a wide variety of industries including: agriculture, pharmaceutical and research development. They oversee: production, quality control and testing. As are result, natural science managers get to enjoy lab work in addition to their office responsibilities.

4. Petroleum Engineers Average Salary: $139,000

A bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering is usually required to become a petroleum engineer, but a degree in engineering may be acceptable in some cases. This occupation boasts an enjoyable mix of work environments. Settings include: office work, lab work and field work.

Petroleum engineers are the folks who invent new ways to extract oil and natural gas from the ground. They analyze rock layers at oil drilling sites and determine the method and equipment needed for extraction. Some petroleum engineers are salespeople who provide specialized equipment and tools for oil companies. There are also opportunities for these professionals to work as private consultants and to teach at universities.

3. Chief Executive Officers Average Salary: $176,500

There is no direct path to becoming a CEO. They exist in every industry and company size, including one-person businesses. As a result, there is a lot of variance in educational requirements for CEO. Experience is more important than formal education for these upper-management executives.

CEO’s are generally loyal employees who have worked their way up to the chief level. The hours are usually long, and the job is known to be stressful. The CEO is a leader who motivates employees. They make decisions on business strategy and oversee day-to-day activities. They also advise their board of directors and communicate with the press.

2. Dental Specialists Average Salary: $183,200

Dental specialists require a doctoral degree followed by a residency in order to practice. Dentists diagnose and treat issues with teeth, gums and the mouth. Specialties include oral surgeons who work on hard and soft mouth tissue, and endodontists — a type of oral surgeon who only performs root canals. Dental specialists work a lot of hours and rarely get to enjoy weekends off, but these are some of the highest paid healthcare professionals around.

1. Doctors and Surgeons Average Salary: $201,800

Schooling to becoming a surgeon actually requires one to four years less than dental specialists according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, a doctoral degree and residency are still needed. Surgeons are in extraordinarily high demand, and the job growth rate is nearly twice that of the national average. These highly respected healthcare workers put in very long days, and they’re almost always on call. Nevertheless, job satisfaction polls rank the profession of surgery quite highly.

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