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After he finishes reading, he should blog about that article.

As we know from Monday’s post, an employer will probably Google you at some point in the hiring process. So, you shouldn’t post things online that detract from your skills and professionalism. But, you also don’t want your Google results to be empty. That makes it look like you had terrible things posted and took them down right before you applied for a job. To combat this, you need to intentionally post positive things that will make your Google results more impressive and will help your employment chances.

Business Networking Sites

Join networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Ecademy. Once you’re on, create a comprehensive profile using information and key phrases from your resume. This will help an employer know that they found the right person. Also, since these sites tend to be high on a list of search results, you’ll help to ensure that a polished and well-crafted profile is one of the first things that shows up when you’re Googled.


Blogging is a great way to increase your online presence in a good way. You can use a free blogging service such as Blogger or WordPress to create a free blog. Or, you can purchase a domain name and link it to a blogging service. Then, you can blog about issues related to your field. This is an especially good tactic for someone who has been unemployed for a while. It helps potential employers to see that you’re keeping up with current information in your field.

If you’re not much of a writer, you can always do a “Best Of” type blog. With this, you basically post links to exceptionally interesting or relevant articles written by others with a short summary or your opinion. It still shows that you’re keeping up with your field but, the emphasis is taken off of your writing.


If you don’t want to devote the time to an entire blog, you can always write and submit articles to a website that accepts user generated content, such as Helium or the Yahoo! Contributor Network. Each of these sites has their own specifications for the submissions but, anyone can submit and post work about a variety of topics.

A well written article is like having a great job reference. Your potential employer will get to see your writing and your insights into the topic. For this, almost any noncontroversial topic is fine but, a topic related to your field is the best way to catch a potential employer’s eye.

Review & Comments

Another easy way to create great search results for yourself is to write well worded and intelligent reviews and comments.

For the review, read a book related to your field and then write an Amazon review of the book. Be sure to include why the book is or is not useful to someone in your profession and mention any information that you learned from the book. This way, everyone knows that you actually read the book and didn’t just skim it.

For the comments, write thoughtful comments about articles related to your field. This is another easy way to show that you’re keeping up with new information and trends in your profession.

It is important to remember that for any writing, whether it be a blog, an article, or a review, to write under the same name that is on your resume. Also, include some other identifying detail, such as your location. This helps to ensure that the person searching for you knows that this is your writing and not the writing of someone else with the same name.

Creating positive Google results and a discerning online presence takes time and effort. But, once it’s created, it can provide a definite boost to your career.

How do you maintain a professional online presence? Comment and let us know.

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