The Worst Places To Work In The World

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The worst places to work in the world

The common saying goes – life is always greener on the other side. Well for many this is not the truth. Millions around the world have to work for next to nothing in harsh and unbearable conditions in unstable political climates.

Can you imagine having to put up with terrorist threats or having to dive into sewers? These are just some of the deplorable conditions workers around the world must contend with. No matter how unpleasant your job may be, at least you can relish in the fact that you don’t have one of these.

Worst Locations to Work

There are many factors and elements that make some locations harder to work in than others. Work environment, health hazards, pay, physical demands, crime, availability of health care, and goods and services are just some of these. The following locations are all judged on these and consequently rank as some of the toughest destinations for workers:

Lagos, Nigeria

Poor infrastructure and high crime rates are among the most severe problems in this large bustling city. Police in Lagos have limited power. Instead, gangs of fight-hardened young men known as Area Boys run the streets. These pose problems for many local businesses, especially those that are not willing to fall under their command. Other issues include pollution, inadequate medical facilities and disease and sanitation problems.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Pollution, disease, political violence and a high crime rate are just some of the worries of workers here. There is also an extremely high threat of violence from Islamic terrorists who target foreigners in this Muslim City. To make matters harder there is a housing shortage, which has created thousands of temporary homes. This has made transport more difficult and disease more prevalent

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Rijadh has a housing problem of its own, and this combined with concerns of sanitation and its geographically challenging location means working life is very difficult. There is always the lingering threat of a terrorist attack to add to these problems. The country also has strict religious, political and cultural guidelines concerning clothing, behavior, food, travel and communications.

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Perhaps the most challenging part about living and working in this capital city is its extremely remote location. Being so far away from other civilizations, it suffers from a lack of medical care and communication problems. It also falls victim to pollution, crime and poor infrastructure.

Worst Jobs Titles

Whilst location can make work harder for many, it’s the roles themselves that can make working life so grueling for many. No matter where you live or work, there are some jobs that need to be done. Below are some of the most least desirably job titles in the world.

Faxconn Factory Worker, Taiwan and China

Inhumane working conditions in this electronic production factory have mean that the company has even gone as far as installing suicide-prevention nets and requiring their employees to take a no-suicide pledge.

Sewer Diver, India

Many men in the capital of India must climb into the sewers and manually unplug or push down the sewage. This extremely dirty job pays very little and makes workers susceptible to all sorts of diseases and infections. It is believed that nearly 70% of men have died on the job.

Forensic Entomologist, Anywhere

Some people prefer working with dead bodies rather than live ones. Forensic entomologists are typically called upon to evaluate decomposing corpses and determine the time of death. They do this by evaluating the age of the insects and bacteria that have taken over the body.

Hazmat Diver, Anywhere

Just as the name indicates, these brave employees work in the most hazardous conditions imaginable – diving into sewers, chemical spills and landfills to collect samples, perform maintenance and even collect dead bodies.

Even if your job is not as unpleasant, stressful, or dirty as these, some still pose a health risk, like those in the industrial field. Just be grateful, that UK laws make it so you can file injury at work claims if you suffer from a work related injury or illness, and remember that working life is not always so bad.

This is a guest post.  Paul Chan has keen interest in careers and the international state of employment.

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