Things You Mustn’t Forget When Narrowing Down Candidates

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Accounting Interview QuestionsRecruiting new employees can be surprisingly hard work.

While you might think that it should be a fairly simple matter to find the right person for the job, it can actually be very difficult when you have a number of potential candidates all of whom have a lot of good qualities.

Of course you need to find someone that you feel happy to work with as well as someone who has the particular skill you need, but other factors to consider are their loyalty to the company, their presentability and more.

Of course you’ll also find yourself feeling sorry for candidates and growing attached to them and all this indecision can end up costing your business time and money.

If you’re struggling to decide then, you need to look for potential deciding factors that can help you to make up your mind.

Here we will look at some things that people often forget when choosing candidates for jobs which may make all the difference. Ignoring some of these factors could potentially get you into a lot of trouble too, so make sure you’re thorough in all your checks.


The ability to drive is a very big boon to look for when choosing between potential employees. Not only will the ability to drive mean your workers probably arrive on time more often, but it will also mean you can use them in a number of other ways – from getting to tradeshows to running out and bringing milk in for the office.

Looking for points on their license is also a good idea as it can suggest that they’ll be safer drivers and cheaper to insure on a company car. You can look up any drivers’ license online so this is worth looking into.

Criminal Record

This is something you should always check before hiring a new member of staff. While a criminal record may not relate directly to their ability to perform, it can nevertheless cause problems down the line and may even get your company into trouble. Don’t discriminate on this basis, but do be aware.

Legal Status

It’s also important of course to make sure that your candidates are legally entitled to work in the country. If you hire them and later discover that they are in the country illegally, then it will be your organization that is held accountability and you can find yourself on the receiving end of a hefty fine.


Another useful bonus to look out for is the ability to speak other languages. This is something that can greatly help your organization in a number of ways potentially, and it also demonstrates a certain amount of intelligence and hard work on their part which will be desirable for your company.


If you’re still unsure about which candidate to choose, then you can always consider looking on Facebook. It may feel a little invasive, but this is certainly a sure fire way to learn a lot about your candidates and to see what they’re really like in their private lives…

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