Three Reasons Your Business Shouldn’t Have A Mobile Phone App

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top iphone appsUsers of smartphones and tablets know the benefits of a good app, and they have downloaded billions of them.

People are using mobile apps on a daily basis to perform tasks or get some entertainment, and app developers are cashing in as much as possible.

Many businesses have found great success by creating their own mobile phone apps, which might offer coupons, catalogs, and much more.

There are so many possibilities for mobile apps, but in actuality, developing one is often a waste of time and resources. Your business doesn’t necessarily need a mobile phone app, and here’s why.

There are Too Many Apps Out There

People are overwhelmed by apps. If you’re looking for an app that performs a particular function, you might have thousands of options.

There is literally is an app for almost everything, and that’s one of the main reasons why your business most likely shouldn’t even attempt to compete in this market.

A business app will only be effective if it offers something unique or valuable. It’s hard to create a great app that will stand out and make a solid first impression. For every Facebook or Twitter app, there are several hundred thousand apps that you never hear about.

If your app isn’t amazing, people won’t keep it or download it in the first place, because they have plenty of apps already. If they won’t use it often, they won’t bother to download it in the first place.

There are Too Many Potential Problems

As was already mentioned, it’s very difficult to design a great app that will benefit your business now and well into the future. You’re likely going to need to hire a developer, which is expensive to say the least.

It can take months or even years to create an app, and apps need regular updates, improvements and fixes. If you release your app too soon, it might have too many code bugs in it, which would turn users off and result in negative customer reviews.

Your business doesn’t need any bad press, and with a mobile app you’re really putting your business reputation on the line.

There are Too Many Marketing Issues

Creating a mobile app is expensive and time-consuming, and then you need to promote it so people know that it exists. This can be done by using up precious virtual real estate on your web site home page or elsewhere in your marketing copy.

This will require such marketing copy to be redesigned and reprinted. A separate additional  marketing campaign to promote your app means more time and money is spent, and it’s simply not worth it for the potential return on investment.

An app is likely to appeal the most to people who are already your customers, so it’s difficult to acquire new leads just through your app.

Instead of putting so much effort into a mobile app with a very uncertain outcome, it might be wiser to direct those resources to your current and proven marketing campaigns.

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