Time is More Valuable than Money

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A good job is more than money. After participating in a few interviews, a person may receive two job offers on the same day. One job offers a substantially higher amount of earnings than the other position.

However, the job that does not pay as much money offers numerous holidays, vacation time and an ample amount of paid sick days. If a person really thinks about the value of time, the recognition that time is greater than money is readily apparent. The job applicant is a married man with four young children at home, so the individual accepted the lower paying job.

Another individual may think this person made a big mistake. After all, if the newly hired employee has a wife and four children to feed, the job offering a higher salary seems to make more sense. The person who reasons in this manner does not understand the value of time. The wise applicant actually made the right decision because he is going to have the opportunity to spend more time building stronger and more meaningful relationships with the persons he loves.

More Than Money: The Human Side of Business


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