Tiny Ways to be More Efficient in the Office

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office-employeeIf you run a business then you will know how important it is to find ways to cut your overheads and generally reduce costs.

While selling more of your products or increasing your clientele can help you to increase your profit, this is ultimately outside of your direct control whereas reducing your overheads is something you can do as simply as turning out the light.

By being more efficient in everything you do, it’s possible to save money producing your end product and thus increase your margins by potentially a great degree.  Almost every business will then spend time devising efficient systems like assembly lines and use project management in order to reduce costs, but some of those businesses will still miss the smaller details that can make all the difference – particularly start ups and other smaller companies.

This is a mistake though when in business amplification applies to every aspect of the system and supply chain meaning that even a tiny bit of waste can add up to a great amount over time. Here we will look at some of the smallest changes you can make in your office then that will help you to become more efficient and save a lot of money over time.

Use Automated Lighting

Using lighting that is controlled by an automated system gives you a much tighter control over when your lights come on and go off. If you have automated lighting then, this allows you to essentially choose precisely when you want your lights to come on and when you want them to go out meaning there’s no chance of them being accidentally left on, or someone turning off an hour later. This also means you can control precisely how much money is spent on this fundamental requirement for any office and reduce it as necessary.

Re-Use Paper

Need a sheet of paper to write some notes on? Then instead of using a fresh piece of paper, why not use an old envelope or an old document? Again it seems minor, but if you have a staff of twenty and they write notes every day this can save you hundreds in paper.


Use Less Ink

There are many ways to use less ink so that you need to buy new ink cartridges less often. One of course is to invest in a more efficient printer, but likewise you can also just use less for each print by either designing your pages to have less ink on them (using smaller images, thinner fonts etc.) and using the lower quality setting. You might not think that avoiding using the bold in your prints would save you much ink, but over time this can add up.


Choosing the Right Location

When you choose which office to rent it’s important to think about the location in terms of how far it is for you to make any regular trips. If you often attend a certain store, or most of your clients are based in a certain location, then choosing to base your office somewhere local will help you to save fuel on every journey you make – even if it’s only a little.

This is a guest post.  Shirley Templeton writes business blogs in her free time. Visit her website for tips on business, marketing, management and productivity.

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