Top 10 Majors With Almost 100 Percent Employment

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It’s an open secret that not all majors are created equal when it comes to looking for a job. While some majors are great when going to graduate school, law school, or even medical school, they might not be so hot when trying to find a job already with that major.

Not all college students select a major because they are looking for a job necessarily with that course of study. Others take a course because they’re just interested in the subject matter and that they are aware that regardless of your major, if you have the three basic skills down, you would still be able to get a job eventually. These three basic skills that most humanities courses train students in are critical thinking, critical analysis, and effective writing.

Most humanities, regardless of the course you take, would give you sufficient grounding in these three major skills so that you can perform reasonably well in jobs that require analytical skills, reading and comprehension, and writing and communications. With that said, if you want to be sure that you will get a job when you graduate, here are the top ten majors that are almost guaranteed to land you a job.

First is Actuarial science. It has a zero unemployment rate. The reason for this is because only a very few people go into Actuarial science. However, this major is in heavy demand from insurance companies. All insurance companies need Actuarial tables so they can set their insurance premiums rates and also plan ahead in the future in terms of their service offerings. Actuaries make projections as to which kind of people to insure, what are the chances that they would collect on their insurance policies, and the chances of them collecting on their insurance policies.

Pharmacology is also a good major if you want to get a job immediately after college. This major has 0% unemployment. Pharmacology involves drug formulations and medical chemistry. Furthermore, in terms of a fairly easy major, without much hard sciences, Educational Administration and Supervision and School Student Counseling are great majors to take since they both have 0% unemployment. We’re currently in a recession and there are a lot of schools that are being flooded by students who are looking to weather the recession. Whenever there is a surge in enrollment, these two majors are required because most schools need administration and counselors.

Now, if you’re the outdoors type, you might want to think about taking up Geological, and Geophysical Engineering. This course is in heavy demand from the oil industry and mining. Very few people are going into this field so you’re pretty much locked in for a job if you take this major. Astonomy and Astrophysics has also a 0% unemployment but it’s very hard to get into, not because there’s a long line of people applying, but because of the complexity and difficulty of the subject matter. In fact, due to heavy sciences involved, many people are scared off. However, Astronomy and Astrophysics is a great major if you are a very curious person.

Rounding off the top ten are Agricultural Economics, Medical Technologies Technician, and Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology. Although these have an unemployment rate, they are very very low. We’re talking about less than 1.7%. So, there you have it. There are certain majors that you can take that basically assure you of a job. Make sure that you go into any major with the right motivation, or else you might end up dropping out, not graduating, or working a little bit and then just switch careers. So, make sure that your motivation is clear and you have a good idea of what you’re getting into.

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