Top 3 Paying Translator Jobs

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Although not paid as much as Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers, there is a growing demand for translators on a global scale and depending on what sector you find yourself working in, you can make a fairly substantial amount of money per year.

Some of the easiest jobs to get as a translator are of course as a foreign language teacher in an international school, or at a consulate or embassy as an admin clerk, where dealing with foreigners on a daily basis will require an adept knowledge and ability to speak their language.

The problem with the above career lines are that, although they may be obtained fairly easily, the general remuneration will be sub-par when compared with the 3 jobs that are highlighted below. A job at the embassy can become rewarding however, but you will need to climb the ladder before your payscale becomes adequate.

Now, we will be looking at the Top 3 Paying Translator Jobs. They are:

  • Corporate Management
  • Scientific
  • Technical Consultation Services

Corporate Management

In the corporate world where companies become large entities, listed on the stock exchange and become a global trade name, what we find is that since they have to do business with many countries that are not primarily English-speaking, they will need a translator.

The purpose of a translator in this field is to support trade negotiations and talks when the upper management of a company arrange meetings with potential clients. Since business can involve complicated information and terminologies, discussing these with someone who even has a moderate understanding of English might prove difficult without a translator present.


Although scientific research can be isolated to a particular university or institute, there are many global collaborative efforts that require effective communication between scientists of a different language.

As with business trade negotiations, the topics of discussion and the high technical nature of the material mean that a large gap in understanding might develop between scientists.

For this reason, the need for translators is unquestionable as government-funded experiments can run into the millions and any faults arising from common misunderstanding can be potentially catastrophic.

Technical Consultation Services

Technical Consulting Services can fall over many sectors where a product or service has a technical aspect attached to it. The communication of these products or services need to be communicated effectively to other businesses and the public who may wish to buy into them, but don’t fully understand the concept.

Among some of the sub-jobs that fit into this type of business would be the writing of technical manuals into foreign languages and acting as customer support to foreign countries.

One of the benefits of this job is also that you can operate on a freelance basis, where, depending on your level of expertise and experience, you can demand a fairly high rate for services rendered.

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This is a guest post.  This article was written by ScribeZA who takes a large interest in the world of translation and interpretation. When looking at the list of the up and coming jobs in the next decade, it was interesting to note that translator jobs was among them and rising steeply as the demand for professional translations increases.


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