Top 5 Careers in Hospitality Management

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The hospitality industry is a growing one because of its increasing globalization.  Careers in hospitality may be found in the areas of lodging, travel, health and wellness, culinary food service, and events planning. People with experience, skills, and educational credentials within these areas have opportunities to participate in this exciting career field internationally. Listed below are five top positions within the hospitality industry.

Lodging Management

Within the hospitality career field, the position of hotel general manager is one of the most desirable for those working in lodging establishments.  A hotel general manager identifies, plans, and leads activities pertaining to the smooth operations of lodging establishments.  The educational requirement for this position is usually a bachelors degree in hospitality management with a masters in business administration highly desired. Hotel general managers usually have worked in the hospitality career field for over ten years prior to obtaining this position.  However, nearly a quarter of people holding this position had only one to four years of experience. The salary range varies because of many factors including job location, educational credentials, and experience.  Those people with over ten years of experience and a bachelors degree in hospitality could see an annual six figure salary in some cases.

Travel Management

A virtually unnoticed but highly necessary position in the travel and tourism management career field is one of curator.  A curator is responsible for the operations of museums, art galleries, and some gardens. Usually careers in tourism and travel are thought to be relaxed and fun-filled. However, that may not be the case with those filling the position of curator.  Curators must be flexible enough to handle a variety of customer  issues and organized enough to be responsible for the care of sometimes priceless items.  The educational requirement for curators are dependent on the industry for which they work. For example a museum curator may only need a bachelors degree in art history while curator at a scientific facility may need a doctorate degree in a specific field.  A curator’s salary also varies greatly by industry but $50,000 a year is considered average for most curators in tourism.

Health and Wellness Management

A spa manager is a desirable position within the hospitality industry’s subcategory of health and wellness.  As more people focus on wellness to help prevent health issues, more spas have opened their doors with the promise of renewed healthful vigour for their clients. The spa manager may work in a variety settings including hotels, resorts, cruise ships, or boutique spa retreats. Their job duties usually pertain to making sure the business operations of the spa run smoothly; they also may be responsible for supervision of spa staff.   The educational requirement for some spa managers is simply to have taken massage therapy or cosmetology training and have a current license.  Four years of relevant work experience including supervisory experience is usually required for spa managers.

Culinary Management

As the general population becomes more health conscious, the career of nutritional consulting has continued to make strides within the industry.  Public and private institutions are searching for ways to make their food offerings healthier, and nutritional consultants are called upon to help with the effort. A nutritional consultant must have a passion for good health and helping others to reach their wellness goals.  To enter the career field, most nutritional consultants have earned a bachelors degree in  food science. Their average salary is just over $50,000 a year according to the department of labor.

Event Planning Management

According to the bureau of labor statistics, the event planning management career field is set to experience 20% growth through 2016.  Event planning managers are project managers that plan, organize, and direct activities associated with corporate events and conferences.  Event planning professionals ideally have earned a bachelors degree in marketing, and they have one to four years of relevant work experience.  Event planners must truly have excellent oral and written communication skills and be proficient enough with computer software to generate electronic presentations. Their average salaries range from $47,000-$65,000 per year.

This is a guest post.  Reggie Yeardley is an international hotelier consultant, and has long espoused the virtues of online video production in the field of hospitality marketing.


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