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In today’s digital age, you’ll find fewer “Help Wanted” signs and fewer paper job applications because most employers have switched to posting job ads online. There’s no need to drive around to local businesses and spend hours filling out several applications. A quick search online saves you time and allows you to find more opportunities. To help you obtain the best results, we’ve narrowed down the top job search websites to give you the top five.

The following five job search websites earned their spot on our list based on number of jobs postings, user-friendly interfaces, customizable search options, and bonus features.

1. Careerbuilder

Thanks to Careerbuilder’s use of innovative technology and its partnerships with thousands of career sites, as well as with newspapers and major sites, such as MSN and AOL, it is one of the largest job boards. No matter your career industry, you will find plenty of job opportunities to consider.

Key Features:

  • Narrow your search results by keyword, location and by selecting one of over 50 industry categories.
  • Advanced search includes options for job type (i.e. full-time or part-time), salary range and for filtering out specific keywords or companies.
  • Sort search results by newest postings or by its proximity in miles.
  • Post your resume publicly for recruiters to find or to keep on your account privately for ease of applying to multiple jobs.

Bonus Features:

  • Apply to jobs from your mobile phone.
  • Receive alerts when new jobs match your searches or follow postings via social media sites.
  • Find advice on job resumes that get results and on how to interview for positions.
  • Find resources for skill training and testing.

2. Monster

Monster is also one of the largest job boards and includes job postings in many global geographic regions. It also has a commitment to extending its reach into a variety of local markets. The company seeks to continuously improve seeker experience by investing in technology to bring new features to the site. Its mission is to go beyond helping people find jobs by inspiring them to improve their lives.

Key Features:

  • Customizable search that includes options for skills, industry, company, job type and career level.
  • Sort search results by relevance, date or salary.
  • Future job postings related to your search can be emailed to you.
  • Submit your resume to be available for employers’ searches.

Bonus Features:

  • Use Monster’s resume builder feature to create a stand-out resume.
  • Extensive resources section including a Questions and Answers section, resume advice, interview tips, and an advice forum.
  • Ability to receive job posting updates via social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

3. Indeed

Indeed has nearly one hundred million unique visitors and over a billion searches each month. With postings in countries all over the globe and with its employer-friendly posting pricing, Indeed is able to provide seekers a wide selection of jobs.

Key Features:

  • Search by keyword, title, company name and location.
  • Advanced search includes filters for exceptions and job types.
  • You can upload your resume and obtain a permanent link to it (i.e.
  • Receive email alerts.

Bonus Features:

  • The coolest feature of this site is that you can save multiple applications to your account. For example, if you want to apply to jobs within a few different types of industries, you can have an application on hand for each type of job. This saves you hours of time because you can use the same applications over again for most of the job postings.
  • Only allows legitimate and verifiable employers to place job postings, so you aren’t likely to encounter scam ads requesting you to pay money up front.

vTips section helps you in the search and application processes.

  • FAQ answers common questions.
  • Search for jobs on your mobile device.


4. Craigslist

Due to the popularity of craigslist as a major online classified ads website, it is no surprise that employers take advantage of craigslist’s large user-base and post ads for open job positions. Select the craigslist page for your city, and find an assortment of job categories to quickly help you find the type of job you are seeking.

Key Features:

  • Neat, user-friendly listing of job industry types.
  • Section for part-time jobs.
  • Section for gigs needed fulfilled by individuals if you are seeking temporary or side work.

Bonus Features:

  • Your local craigslist page will provide you with results in your geographic region, and there’s no need to narrow down millions of postings to find those local to you.
  • No alerts, but you can check daily for new postings.
  • Find opportunities that don’t get posted on larger job boards.

5. LinkedIn

Social media sites now allow people to connect on a professional level. LinkedIn is a social networking website for professionals in all industries. You build connections with other professionals, which opens doors to new job opportunities.

Key Features:

  • Personalized profile that can include your work history, skills and resume information.
  • Easy to use interface that allows you to search for connections, navigate to your profile, and find networks and groups to join.
  • Make inside connections when looking for a job.

Bonus Features:

  • Connect with colleagues and personal associates. Their connections can then find you, and if your skills/experience meets their needs, you can find a new business opportunity.
  • Join groups specifically for your career interests, ask questions, make connections and hear about job openings right away.
  • Industry experts provide career advice.

Happy job hunting!

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