Top 5 Professions for Meeting New People Daily

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taxi-time-squareA People Person

Some people are all about the money when it comes to their jobs. Others do it for the enjoyment and the satisfaction of performing a particular role or service.

Many choose a job based on the opportunity to meet new people on a daily basis. There is a huge appeal to jobs such as this, as these jobs tend to be more exciting and have greater variety, rather than being a mundane office job where hours are spent toiling behind a desk, while you check Facebook every ten minutes and are just hanging on until the end of the day.

But what jobs should you consider if you are looking to meet more people?

Taxi Driver

Definitely a great way to have a chat and meet with potentially dozens of new people on a daily basis, as long as you can tolerate or find a way to stop the usual questions asked of taxi drivers, such as “have you been busy?”

The only real consideration you need to make here is the hours you wish to work. Working in the evening, for example, may be potentially more lucrative, but is listening to drunken people you pick up from a club really something that you want to put up with?

Bar Work

The only problem with bar work is that if there is someone giving you attention that you don’t want, then it can be difficult to deal with it.

On the positive side, you will meet hundreds of new people and perhaps strike up some new friendships, especially if you take the time to engage with customers during less busy periods.


Becoming a police constable combines the satisfaction of carrying out a duty with that of meeting people, however you would need to think about whether you would want to deal with specific situations that may arise.

The meeting people part of the job is definitely great, but that might not be enough when violence or other problems may be a regular part of your work.

Sales Related Jobs

Although you definitely have the opportunity to meet loads of people doing a sales job, you must be prepared to deal with the negative misconceptions that people may generalise sales people with. If you are friendly, approachable, and sincere, however, then this could definitely be the job for you.

It is a myth that sales people need to be ruthless animals in order to be a success!


Chances are that you have never considered this one, but if you are a religious person yourself, then why not? Becoming a vicar or priest will give you the dual satisfaction of meeting and helping many people, although you will need to study a theology degree first.

If meeting new people is what motivates or excites you, then why not make it part of your job?

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