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CBT Life CoachWhether you are an existing therapist or simply want a new career, then Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is now considered a fast-working and effective therapy for effecting change in people’s lives.

Proven to work on wide variety of psychological problems, even the NHS now approves and prescribes CBT to deal with issues ranging from depression to anxiety. Not only that, but CBT is also considered a powerful motivational tool for people in business.

All of which means that career opportunities in the field, are wide, and still growing. So read on for more information about CBT and how to start a career as a CBT therapist or life coach.

What is CBT?

CBT is an effective ‘talking therapy’ to help people through very immediate problems and find new ways of thinking about and dealing with them. Unlike psychotherapy which delves deep into the clients past to uncover issues, CBT deal with the ‘here and now’ of a situation or psychological state.

This works by focusing on existing negative beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and fears, to break unhelpful thought patterns and effect positive new change. For this reason, CBT is not only used as a therapy, but as a coaching tool for individuals and within companies, to encourage, motivate and find new solutions to existing problems.

If you already practice as a therapist in a field such as hypnotherapy or counselling, CBT will enhance and improve your success rates with new and existing clients.

What Can CBT Help With?

CBT offers effective help for a number of psychological issues. These include, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, post-traumatic-stress disorder, drug or alcohol misuse, sleeping problems, as well as helping clients deal with the pain associated with physical conditions such as arthritis.

In business, CBT coaching can help reduce stress, motivate staff, optimise potential, and help identify goals. This combines to move staff and business forward in positive ways.

CBT and Life Coach Training

Becoming a life coach is a career that offers opportunities as both a personal life coach for individuals and for business. If you are not already a counsellor or therapist, then a CBT training course for life coaching will enable you to coach clients to help them achieve personal goals.

CBT is also a growing industry within the corporate environment for helping clients maximise their own and their organisations’ human resources capital. There are a growing number of courses related to life coaching in CBT, and it’s not necessary to have any prior related qualifications to achieve a CBT diploma for life coaching.

A life coaching diploma course can be completed in as little as six weeks, but courses do vary in the coaching and counselling areas they cover. To find a suitable course, you should identify which particular area you want to focus on – for example, if you want to combine life coaching with full counselling training, or simply achieve a CBT life coaching qualification. In all instances, always make sure the course you choose is accredited first.

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