True Corporate Lazarus

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There is a tendency to write someone off before their time has come. It’s a popular theme in books, television, and film. In real life, it’s much rarer than in fiction. Despite how unusual it is, it does happen in the corporate world.

Ford Motors was considered dead in the water. By 2008, the company had lost $30 billion in three years. It’s credit rating had dropped to junk status, making it worthless. The company was written off by analysts.

Ford invested in new vehicles, such as the Focus, Fusion, and Fiesta. These smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles proved popular with the public. Ford Motors was the largest car maker in the US in 2010, and has made $19 billion in earnings since 2009.

Apple, Old Spice, and Lego all experienced similar periods of decline and declared dead. Today, each of these companies are growing. Apple is the most valuable company on Earth. Lego is now the world’s largest toy maker.



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