What I Miss About Being 5yrs Old

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Do you ever reflect on your childhood? Do you remember how simple life seemed and how unknowingly all that we needed and most of wanted we wanted “miraculously” appeared?

Can you remember how peaceful and carefree life seemed, and how easy it was to live in fullness everyday without any of the responsibilities you have as an adult today?

Awwww…wouldn’t it be nice to go back to those carefree days again. Well there’s hope. Let’s travel back in time and discover what we did then and how you can apply these same ideas to manifest all that you want in your life.

This past weekend I paused for a minute to analyze how my 5yr old son interacts with his mom and me, and I found myself very intrigued.

While watching him I couldn’t help but notice his confidence, his joyful personality, and gratitude for even the “little” things that made his life exciting and comfortable. However, on the surface he at times seemed ungrateful, unappreciative and took his “good life” for granted.

I noticed how he loves spending time in his room where he lives in paradise. In his bedroom he has everything…flat screen TV, laptop computer, almost every toy he’s ever wanted, his own bed with Angry Bird comforter and sheets, video games, etc.

Although he enjoys spending time in his room the one thing that drives me nuts is that he always leaves the lights and television on when he’s spending time in other areas of the house.

Although I “emphatically” remind him to turn off the light, leaving it and his electronics on is nothing that warrants a punishment, but for some reason it emphasized to me of how his undeveloped mind doesn’t know what it cost his mom and me to provide for the things that he enjoys so much.

Or maybe he does. Maybe with his lack of understanding of our efforts it is he (and not I) who knows the secret to getting what he wants.

I became very curious to learn how it is that he gets almost all of the things that he ever wishes. Side note: he’s not spoiled and he may not get most of his desires immediately, but soon (in most cases very soon) he eventually gets his heart’s desire.

What I discovered was that when he asks for something he does it with the most enthusiast energy I may have ever felt. He’s also very happy and excited about his wants.

You can see his imagination running wild in his thoughts. He’s visualizing the experience of his desires as if it’s happening at that very moment. His heart rate is up. An enormous amount of adrenaline is rushing through his veins.

Every ounce of his being is convinced that he is about to manifest his wants and nothing is going to stop his dream from coming to past.

At that moment it is almost impossible for us to say no. Everything about us is in agreement with his ambitions, and with all of the power that is within us we find a way to fulfill his wish.

Something else happened that intrigued me as well. Whenever he became unappreciative of all that he has, his mom and I became very upset. I would feel that he was ungrateful and insensitive.

Although I know he’s still a little young to understand what his parents have to do to make his wishes come true, it still angered me. And during my spout with anger I wanted to take everything we have ever given him away.

However, our love for him wouldn’t allow us to “hurt” him this way. So in exchange for taking away what he has already…we delayed getting the other things that he wants in an attempt to teach him that gratitude is the attitude that determines what you get out of life.

It’s easy to be grateful when someone else is working to provide for all of your needs and wants. At times it may seem unfair for others to work so hard on your benefit, but that’s how life operates.

The Biblical scripture teaches to “give thanks in all circumstances”.  Why, because giving thanks activates the Universal Mind to joyfully go to work on your behalf.

Much like a child, your principle role in getting what you want out of life is to be grateful for what you have and thankful that you are attracting all that you need to do, know, have, or say to bring forth your wishes.

In some form or another, the word “thanks” is mentioned in the Bible 139 times. Scripture teaches “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. But in all your doing…give thanks!


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