What Is Quality Assurance?

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quality assuranceQuality assurance ensures that a company is offering its customers the best possible product or service.

It involves a process that tests it from all angles and the focus is on the end result. For this reason, the product or service may go through many changes as the tests reveal flaws or areas of improvement.

For example, a company that makes clothing will test each product for quality assurance. They will put each item through rigorous tests that will examine how they wear and tear as the customer wears each product.

For jeans, they will check how the knees wear, the zipper holds up, how it reacts to different washing methods, whether or not the colour fades, and much, much more. By the end, the company may decide that different types of material, dyes, or sewing techniques are more appropriate.

Quality assurance is important because it helps the company produce a product or service that people will be interested in purchasing. If the jeans in the previous example wear out far more quickly than the customers hoped, word will spread and fewer people will purchase them.

However, if it becomes common knowledge that they have made a quality product, they will sell more. Therefore, it’s worth the money to do these quality assurance tests.

Because this is such an important aspect of keeping the company profitable and in good standing, large companies often have whole departments dedicated to quality assurance. This means that there are many employment opportunities in the field.

They type of education someone may need to work in this field depends on what type of industry the company is in. For example, in the fashion or retail world, the candidate for the position should have retail experience.

If the position has more to do with services that are offered, they may need experience in mathematics to conduct surveys, analyze statistics and more. Some sort of economic degree or marketing degree is often beneficial because it allows the quality assurance specialist to weigh the costs and benefits more effectively.

What matters the most is that the candidate has a keen eye for detail. Any background experience that shows the candidate is extremely meticulous will be noticed by the potential employer.

Most of the details of the position will be taught on the job because they vary between companies so showing a desire to learn their method will boost the candidate up another notch.

Quality assurance is important to all companies, industries, and businesses who want to turn a profit and keep happy customers.

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