What to do If There is an Accident on Your Construction Site

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If you manage a construction company then you should be aware of how much responsibility you hold in that position. As a manager or boss in any organization you are responsible for the wellbeing and happiness of your staff, and it’s important to recognize this and to make sure that they are safe and able to work to the best of their ability for both their sakes and the success of the business.

When you work on a construction site of course this matter becomes even more pressing as the staff you are looking after will be working with powerful tools and in a highly hazardous environment – something is much more likely to go wrong.

So if someone does have a fall, or if they should accidentally hammer a nail into their thumb rather than the plank of wood they’re meant to be hammering… what should you do? Here we will look at how best to act.


Stop Work

Right away you should stop work and make sure that everyone stops what they are doing to come to help. They may be able to go back to work soon, but for now it’s important to stop in order to avoid further accidents when your attention is divided and you need to tend to more pressing matters.

Meanwhile your colleague will no doubt appreciate that people cared enough to stop hammering/sawing and to help. Of course you then need to move the victim somewhere safe away from where they were working so they don’t hurt themselves more – unless of course you suspect they may have injured their back in which case you shouldn’t try to move them.

Turn Off

This also means making sure that you all turn off and put down your things properly though too so that they again don’t lead to further accidents. This means turning off any generators or air compressors and it means making sure not to discard anything sharp or that could present a trip hazard. If you are working on a client’s house then you need to consider that discarded items could pose a danger to them too. Brief your staff in how to do this quickly when necessary.

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Call for Help

Now you need to call an ambulance as quickly as possible and the sooner you do this the sooner they will arrive and be able to help. If of course the person needs immediate attention and you can give it, then you should delegate calling for help to someone else.

Ask if Anyone Knows First Aid

Meanwhile you should have at least one person on your site who has been given first aid training. Allow them to intervene and to check over your victim/stabilize them if necessary.

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Make Them Comfortable

Now it is a simple matter of waiting for the emergency services to arrive. While this happens make sure the worker is as comfortable as possible, and if they’re up and about try to manage the shock by giving them a sugary drink and getting them to control their breathing.

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