What To Do If Your Business Isn’t Moving Forward

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boring_business_meetingFor first-time entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike, launching a new company is always an enormous struggle.

There are countless uncontrollable factors in the business world that make it impossible to predict the future.  Yet investment decisions and business models depend upon making accurate projections.

So not only are emergent companies forced to take many risks, they must also be constantly ready to adapt to the fast-changing economic landscape.

If the growth of your new business has hit a roadblock—as happens with so many promising startups—and the company is beginning to stagnate before ever getting a firm hold in the marketplace, it is obvious that changes need to be immediately implemented.

Here’s what to do when your small business begins to struggle:

Analyze the Competition

Every business has competition; and if you are a new business, chances are the competition is more deeply rooted in the marketplace than you are.  So spend time researching and analyzing your competitors’ strategies to learn what trends, technologies, design elements, and resources they leverage for success.

Enhance Your Expertise

No matter what industry you work in or what level of expertise you have attained in your field, there is always more to learn.  Perhaps your company is failing to achieve its full potential because you have fallen behind the fast-evolving technological landscape.

Perhaps the market has shifted in ways that render your old recipes for success ineffective.  In any case, when your business encounters a period of stagnation, the only way to push forward is to innovate and evolve.  To do so, you’ll need to learn something new.

Invest in Efficiency

Efficiency improves the bottom line.  It means getting work done faster, thereby freeing up time that can be dedicated to expansion and growth.  Of course, effective technology is the best tool to make your company run more smoothly.

So take a serious look at your office’s working patterns, and identify areas that need improvement.  Then go out and find new software, new tools, or new working habits to streamline your work.

Whether it is spending less time sorting email, speeding up the assembly line, or eliminating workplace waste, efficiency enhancements are sure to be a major boon for your business.

Know Your Consumer

Many businesses fail for the simple reason that they don’t understand their consumers.  No matter how excellent your product or service, if you fail to market it to the right audience in the right ways, you are destined to fail.

Social media is a great resource for conducting market research.  So examine your network today, and start reaching out to customers for input that can help you improve.

Targeted Marketing

The epiphany of social media marketing is that targeted advertising is exponentially more effective than blanket advertising.  It’s not about how many people see your products, but who.

If you haven’t narrowed down a niche audience for your products and begun marketing directly to that targeted group, you are wasting resources and squandering your business’s potential.

Adaptability is a cornerstone of business success.  But the ability to change quickly means little when business owners lack the understanding necessary move in the right direction.

Ultimately, reviving a stagnant business model requires research into how and why the current strategies aren’t working.  The consumer landscape is the first step.  Know your customer, understand their desires, and redefine your company as a solution to the problems your clients face.

Kirsten runs her own handmade jewellery business. She is a sole trader and knows how hard it is to set something up from nothing. It can be difficult to keep moving forward when there is so much to balance when working alone.


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