What Your Email Address Says About You

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What HR thinks Hottie4U will show up wearing.

Your email address can say a lot about you. But, that’s not always a good thing. You want your email address to simply be a way for a potential employer to contact you, not a liability. Here’s what hiring managers are thinking when you send out a resume with an inappropriate email address.

Email Address: Hottie4U@email.com, SexyGurl@email.com, CutiePie@email.com
They Think: “A party girl.”
Always, always, always avoid these types of email addresses. No one needs to know that you think you’re a hottie or that you’re for them.  A presenter at an employment seminar I attended called a candidate with these types of email address “an HR problem waiting to happen.”

Email Address: FantasyFootball2012@email.com, SurferChick@email.com, SportsFan@email.com
They Think: “Too busy with a hobby to work hard.”
An email address like this is fine, for your personal email address. While you think this email address shows off your passion for your hobby, a hiring manager sees this and thinks that you’ll be too busy with your hobby to be a dedicated, hardworking employee.

Email Address: LazyGirl@email.com, Slacker@email.com, ChillinGuy@email.com
They Think: “Lazy!”
Of course a hiring manager will think you’re lazy, a slacker, or just sit at home and do nothing. You told them that.

Email Address: ShotGlassShawn@email.com
They Think: “Alcoholic!”
No one wants to hire an alcoholic. So, email addresses that reference alcohol, drugs, or any other potentially career wrecking activities should never be used.

Email Address: JohnDoe2000@email.com
They Think: “Out of date”
The year 2000 was 12 years ago. It’s time to update that Y2K email address into something more modern. It’s best to avoid putting the year into your email address for this reason. It seems out of date as soon as January 1st rolls around.

Email Address: JaneDoe45@email.com
They Think: “Is she 45 years old? Or, was she born in 1945? Maybe she’s too old for our company.”
Some managers will like a more experienced candidate and some will worry about an older candidate fitting in. Don’t give them a reason to exclude you from the applicant pool.

Email Address: JesusFreak@email.com, CoolLatinGirl@email.com, WhiteChocolate@email.com
They Think: “TMI!”
Keep a little mystery about yourself. A hiring manager doesn’t need to know your religion, ethnicity, race, etc. before they have even met you.  This puts them in an awkward position because discrimination against certain groups is against the law. So, you’re taking away their ability to judge you solely based on your work experience and skills.

Email Address: John.Doe@email.com, JaneSmith@email.com, J.Smith@email.com
They Think: “Oh, good. They included an email address.”
This is the ideal situation. You want your email address to not add or detract from you. It’s just a way to reach you. It should not overshadow your resume. The easiest way to do this is to use your first name and your last name to create your email address. If you have a very common name, a middle initial can also be used to help make an address.

Of course, having a professional email address will not guarantee you a job. But, having an inappropriate email address might cost you a job.


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