Why Your CV Never Gets Past The First Screening

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There are many factors that may hinder you from getting a job that you have desired for so long despite having all the right qualifications required. Most of these factors can be avoided and can easily be addressed. One of these factors is writing your curriculum vitae or resume.

A resume simply tells everything about you thus lots of care should be taken when writing it. If you would like to find yourself in the shortlisted candidates list, you must be willing to put a lot of time and energy when to writing good resume so that it tells of whom you are, the skills you have and why you ought to be considered. Below are some reasons why your CV might not get past the first screening.

Inappropriate Writing Style

To start with, inappropriate writing style of your resume. There are many styles of writing good resume thus you can utilize one that you are familiar with. It is important to understand that, your resume is simply a summary of what you have achieved, experience and your qualifications. It is important to ensure that you express yourself by giving the right information on the resume without conflict. Make it readable and easy to trace any information that may be required.

Giving Out Too Much Information

Another reason may be due to providing too much information that is unnecessary. A good resume is brief and to point. When writing good resume, you have to indicate your qualifications, your school background and experience thus it is tempting to write so much to show that you are fully qualified. However, too much information is not necessary concentrate on the core points and factors that you deem to have a lot of impact. You can write your qualification, previous or current duties and experience in points form. Been precise makes it easy for anyone to quickly peruse through and have an idea of who you are and what your expertise areas are.

Common Language Errors

Grammar mistakes, spelling and appearance are other factors that may hinder you from getting past this stage. Communication is important thus your future employer needs to know whether you can articulately express yourself. Too many mistakes can mean someone who is not keen and who does things hastily to finish without confirming whether there is any mistake. Grammar and spelling mistakes can completely change the meaning of any sentence thus it is good to proofread your resume once you have finished writing. In writing good resume the appearance should look attractive and easy. Use a font size that people find easy to read.

Hiding The Extras

People are not also aware of what they should include in the resume thus it is good to take some time to know what is relevant and what is not. Avoid indicating your political affiliations, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation and many more. Such information may be deemed to be irrelevant. Basically, writing good resume is not an easy task and requires one to invest some quality time. This will allow you to indicate only the most important information and what is relevant. When you take the above into consideration, you will realize the difference.

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