Working Together for Wellness

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Working Together for Wellness

Running a successful business is more than profits and production—a business is nothing without the people who work so hard to make it successful. The more satisfied your employees are with their workplace and life, the better they will perform in their position. There are ways that you can promote a brighter environment in your workplace while benefiting your employees as well.

Healthy Snack Program

One simple fix in your business to promote a healthier lifestyle to your employees resides in the snacks available in your office. Whether you have a kitchen with snacks or a vending machine, replace unhealthy offerings with more nutritional options. A switch as simple as offering baked chips rather than greasy fried potatoes can make a big difference. Also if you have a drink vending machine, stock it with juices and flavored waters rather than soda. These snacks will not only help improve the employees’ health, it will promote a more productive workplace, as people will be more alert and focused.

Corporate Wellness Events

There are multiple ways in which you can promote healthy living to your employees while making it a fun event or reaching out to the community. By promoting corporate wellness you can meet multiple goals with just one event as you improve the workplace atmosphere, help the community at large, and further publicize your business.

Healthy Food Drive

Reaching out to the community is a great way to promote your business and boost your reputation. Participating in a food drive for a local food bank or shelter is a great and easy way to give back to the community and get all of your employees involved. One thing many people do not consider when conducting a food drive is the nutrition of the food they are donating. Many shelters and food banks are in desperate need of healthier options for the people that depend on them, as they most often get high calorie, sugar-loaded foods. A food pantry needs the food to be more than just nonperishable it needs to be healthy. It is especially hard for people with dietary needs to utilize these public services, as the pantry may not be able to accommodate their special diet. Instead of asking for just any donations, speak with the food bank or shelter about the healthier options they need such as whole grain pastas and gluten-free products.

Other Fitness Promoters in Your Workplace

There are so many ways you can promote healthier lifestyles that produce a better work environment. Try replacing desk chairs with exercise balls; this will promote good posture and attentiveness. You could also organize an office sports team or walking club—anything that will get your employees more active. Easy and fun changes could make a huge impact on the happiness of your employees, the community, and the productiveness of your office.

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