Your Guide For An Effective Job Search

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Image by Simone Lovati

Image by Simone Lovati

Being jobless and overqualified is a sore oxymoron that is quickly becoming a reality to many. The economic downturn is making it increasingly harder to get recognised in an oversaturated job hunting market.

The job search is a challenging process and extremely competitive, more people than ever have a degree or high qualification to their name, meaning that you are going to have to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Marketing Yourself

To get this edge and differentiate you need to get a clear idea of what interests you. Do not be afraid to go for what you really want to do; it will make the job search significantly easier.

Having a genuine interest in the business sector is only going to make you more confident and excel in that interview. This will give you a larger scope and depth to talk about that business area, the employer will also see that you are enthusiastic and want to work for the company.

Job Searching Through Vacancies

Job searching through vacancies online and through other publications is the most popular method but is also the most competitive. This means that your covering letter and CV should be specifically targeted to the job advert and company to ensure the employer that your skills and experience are highly compatible with the vacancy.

You may be tempted to use a generic covering letter and CV that you can send to a greater amount of companies, but spending more time on a particular application is going to increase your chances of getting that interview tenfold.

A targeted covering letter and CV is going to show the employer great credentials of hard working and exhibit your ability to gain a thorough understanding of the company.

Speculative Emails

More of a proactive approach to job searching but perhaps more time consuming. Considering it is estimated that around 60% of jobs are never advertised means speculative job hunting can be highly successful.

Again, your covering letter and CV should be highly targeted because you will not inspire any interest from employers as they will recognise generic applications. This will fail to make you stand out from the many other spammy applications out there.

To look more professional you should look to find individuals names rather than job title when applying, this will also help you network and give you a reference if you have to follow up your application. With speculative applications do not assume that employers will respond you, instead look to find telephone number after a week and give your application a follow up call. This will make you come across as keen, organised and proactive.

Common Misleading Signs

Job hunting can be very frustrating, and because of this job seekers tend to look for signs whether or not they have been successful in the behaviour of the interviewer. Signs too look out for that can be very misleading include: an interviewer showing the candidate around the office introducing them to colleagues.

This probably will be a standard procedure for the interview process and you should try not to believe that this is a sure sign that you got the job.

Another misleading sign is the interviewer telling you that they are interviewing other people. This can quite often lead you to interpret interviewer as trying to let you down easily.

Again, this is just the process and you should instead review your performance and what you said in the interview as a potential decider rather than reading into meaningless signs.

Always ask for feedback as every interview (good or bad) will really help you mould how to perform at your optimum best. And in this environment it may take a few before you are right on the ball and get that little bit of needed luck.

Have you got any useful tips for a more effective job search?

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